Best natural remedy for ear infections?

8 month old has an ear infection and a cough. Any good home remedies??
It’s actually my younger sister, and she hasn’t started eating solid foods.


  • Soul Doctor

    MULLEIN OIL its a Homeopathic remedy and you can buy it at most Health and Herb Stores in USA and EU. effective in most ailments of the ear including earaches and ear infections and works very fast, without any side effects or complications of any kind.

    Take care and God Bless.

  • darla b

    The simple answer is yes…sort of…..It sounds like your child has RSV, so your best bet is to get normal saline (purchased over the counter) and place small amounts in each nostril and then suction out each nostril. (suction with a bulb syringe) Like the kind that was given to you from the hospital at birth. This will 1 lubricate congestion and 2 relieve some of the sinus pressure. This will not cure a ear infection but a lot of ear problems are resolved when nasal passages are cleared. Also using a humidifier in the room that the baby sleeps in can assist. Hope this helps!

  • paradiseguy45

    Is your child on solid foods? If so, and if you are able, you might consider nursing. A common cause of ear infections in children under the age of 12 months is food allergy or food intolerance. Common allergens such as milk, wheat, soy and even rice can be cuplrit foods. Mother’s Milk is a great natural antibiotic as well. Hope you little one feel better.

  • The Herbs for Kids company has a great product called Willow/Garlic Ear Oil. It helps relieve ear pain and helps heal the infection. If you need to do something immediately, warm (do not heat in a microwave wam the bottle in some water on the stove) some pure extra virgin olive oil and put a few drops in each ear. I would also get the baby started on BabyLife by Solaray. This baby formulated acidophilus will help build its immune system and defend against yeast and other bad bacteria and antibodies.

  • Miranda

    my grandma always made me flour pancakes cause the moist heat helps all you do is mix flour and water cook it like a normal pancake put it in a towel and hold it to the ear
    but my husband always did sweet oil??? or something and put it on a cotton ball in the ear (warm)

  • Zambiti

    Grapefruit seed extract – diluted 5 drops to 3 oz of water. Put a few drops in the effected ear every 4 or 5 hours until gone. Shouldn’t take long. My son-in-law saw instant relief with his last ear infection, and didn’t need to do it more than 24 hours.

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