Best natural earache remedies?

Besides garlic or mineral oil and going to the store, what can I do? I have a major head cold and the sinus pressure is causing terrible ear pain in my right ear and its affecting my eating since it hurts to swallow. Is there anything that provides INSTANT relief I can find at home?


  • HerbGirl44

    Haven’t treated this yet but here’s a couple things I’ve found

    # Sooth the ear with the warm, not the hot setting, of a hairdryer. Now be careful and make sure it is on the warm setting.
    # If you puncture a piece of garlic and pour the juice in the ear it will help to take the pain away. Garlic has a natural antibiotic, so use it, and see if it helps.

    People have also used a hot water bottle placed against the ear.

    Tomorrow, if you’ve got a health food store near you they should have mullein oil (Mullein is a great respiratory herb). rub that all around the area of your ear. Some people have put a drop in their ear but I cannot diagnose that for you here. so try the outside. I’ve also seen some mullein oils with garlic.

  • Ear pain is serious. If it is an untreated infection then you will end up with ear damage. Go to the doctor first. Your doctor will advise on pain relief. Naturopaths respect Doctors work with them not against them. When your ear is better then look at prevention.

  • Cinnie

    Take a mug or cup that will seal around your ear. Put a paper towel in the cup and pour HOT water over the paper towel so the towel is soaked. Put the mug over your ear, the hot will steam your ear and open it up, should relieve the pressure. Make sure the affected ear is tilted down so as not to burn yourself.

  • Samantha

    If it’s an earache because of wax build up:
    (You’re going to think I’m crazy LOL but it works)

    Go get an onion, cut it in 2, microwave it until it is HOT, take it out of the microwave and wrap each half in a different towel (careful it’s hot) Hold it up to each ear and keep it there until it cools down… then re-heat it and do it again. The same way the onion makes your eyes tear, it will make your ears tear and it will help to unclog and release the pressure in your ear.

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