Are there any health benefits to natural sugar?

I know that in processed, refined sugar, there’s no benefit unless you need some energy. But are there any health benefits to sugars found in natural sources like fruit and vegetables?


  • Brendan's The ENIGMA 1

    natural sugars in fruit and vegetables are good if you ever need a little more raw unprocessed (white) sugar is ideal 🙂

  • Christin K

    Yes. Naturally occurring sugars like those found in fruits are digested better, go into your bloodstream more slowly. They do not contribute as much to obesity or diabetes. But the differences are really minimal with ANY sugar. It is the fruit itself that is more benefit than the sugar in it–fruit contains antioxidants, flavonoids, minerals and vitamins and fiber–all good for you. Juice or sugared drinks do not.

  • Eating articificial sugar reduces your body’s ability to use sweet taste to judge the caloric content of the snack. You are therefore more likely to overeat. The sugar in fruit and vegetables satisfies your need better.

  • Divide By Zero

    Good answers so far. Sugar from fruit is a steadier source of energy and doesn’t throw your metabolism out of whack. It also doesn’t have the harmful effects of isolated sugar (outlined well by Dr. Lustig) because of fruit’s fiber.

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