Are natural health remedies a cure?

When we feel sick, we expect a cure and a pill. But doctors are looking to integrate more natural remedies into there treatment regimens. So is alternative medicine the cure?


  • janie

    unlike the posters aboves advice, many doctors are including alternative medicine and herbs into their practice and have for years. both my females doctors over 20 years ago and both got a 4.0 in college, are very smart and sensitive to their patients needs. The poster is back in the dark ages saying to change doctors.

    Unfortunately few doctors do this and many are afraid to as some have lost their licenses over this as the AMA does not wish to go this way except nominally and only because the consumer is demanding it.

    The problem is because we do not believe we create our illnesses due to the decadent lifestyles we live (smoking, drugs, junk foods, too much salt, sugar, lack of exercise, worry, out of control stress and so forth, we expect the doctors to fix us back up with a pill..this requires very potent drugs which often require the use of other drugs and often does more harm than good in the long run.

    Much alternative health works by working synergistically to help the body heal itself by stopping the bad habits and starting new ones.

    Many people do not want to do this…they want to feel great and live however they want..

    Alternative health is a very broad field encompasses many aura and types. some work great, some don’t and some work on one part of our health and some work on the whole person.

    Herbs are in many cases superior as they are safe and designed to heal our bodies by nature or our creator while drugs are generally non-organic, man made chemicals the body accepts but at harm to it so herbs are safer..Just a tiny handful of people die from herbs while tens of thousands die from drugs and doctor errors etc.

    Also drugs create the symptom but herbs go to the root cause that is causing diverse symptoms the doctor calls by various disease names, thus the herb tends to while slower in the long run fix more problems we have than just the one we took it for.

    You can expect alternative health to not be as useful for emergency situations like a limb cut off in an accident or something like that but herbs to do better with chronic diseases

    You can expect if you know what you are doing and do a comprehensive multi part program combing things like a vegan diet, exercise, detoxing., cleansing the elimination organs, improving water and air, getting sunshine, taking herbs, doing affirmations and stress reduction, hydrotherapy, stopping bad habits, getting counseling or learning to love and be happier, etc all done together in an intense health building program to cure things doctors cannot like AIDS, pancreatic and lung cancers, neurological disease like ms, heart and circulatory problems, diabetes and terminal illnesses.

    Yes, natural health can certainly be a cure..that is not to say once in a while you won’t maybe need a doctor but most things I have found we can fix ourselves..when we discover we cause many of our illnesses with our lifestyles, we can be empowered to discover that if we can make our self sick by living badly, we can make ourselves better and heal by living good.

    Generally, although doctors may be discovering the good things about alternative health and wanting to jump on the consumer bandwagon and thus incorporating alternative health into their stuff is good for them, it is not s good for you or alternative health as allopathic drugs etc can make it harder to recover naturally due to the harm of those things they often use.

    IMO there is a place for both..I was in a car wreck a while back and feel in that case I needed doctors but generally I am able to cure myself with herbs etc better with herbs, supplements etc.

    what is needed to make herbs and alternative health work better is education, people making their own organic tinctures (or finding a superior tincture supplier) and forgoing herbs in a capsule that are conventionally grown, understanding that herbs and foods work best in a comprehensive health building regime, doing most of their grocery shopping at natural food stores, farmer’s markets, from small organic farmers and their own gardens., doing different cleanses one a season, thinking more positively and loving themselves and others better and learning to stop hating and forgive.

    this may be more complicated and difficult than going to a doctor and saying doctor heal me with a pill but it gains more long lasting results, saves lots of money and worry and gives us payoffs we can see and be proud of..also for every person who takes better care of themselves, health costs go down

  • Vincent P

    It may not be a cure, but lots of natural remedies work just as well as or better than medicinal alternatives. I actually stopped taking pain medication, cold medicine, etc a few years ago, and I’ve been much healthier and happier, even through sickness, so it does help a little.

  • Gary Y

    If your doctor is pushing alt meds, then change doctors.

  • daniel

    I asked a doctor basically the same question a few months ago. Alternative medicine is a huge trend and its spreading into modern medicine, so I asked if that legitimized alternative medicine. In his opinion, it does not prove anything one way or another. It just means that health insurance companies, doctors, and hospitals have realized that people want some degree of alternative medicine or "integrative" medicine as they call it. They know they can make money off of it so they sell you the meditation classes along with your chemo.

    If they didn’t do that, some people would go get meditation elsewhere, which the hospital would see as losing potential business. As far as I know, conclusive evidence does not exist to say alternative medicine is better than modern medicine, or that it even works at all. I agree with the doctor on this one. Just because they’re selling it does not mean it works. They just don’t want to lose the extra business. In their eyes, meditation, vitamin pills, herbs, etc. cannot harm the patient and even though none of it will make the patient cured, it will give the patient some peace of mind that they are receiving such comprehensive care.

    Side note, be suspicious of anyone that claims everything can be cured with simple treatments and no side effects. If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Janie can cure every major disease with herbs. My question is then, why isn’t she curing everyone with AIDS, cancer, or MS? I guess she wants people to die agonizingly painful deaths…

  • honey

    its not always the pill we shd look for dear,becoz evry drug must have a side effect too and nature itself cures almost all the diseases,as we all know the mothernature.
    for every disease some care,some basics and medicine if needed can take us towards cure/atleast near the one example i give u is depression is a disease—-but can u cure it only with medicines??????????????
    Pure essential oils derived from plant secretions are astringent, antibacterial, and highly concentrated (always dilute before using). The right mix can help you relax, recharge, or melt away fatigue, stress, and depression. Cost usually depends on how difficult a particular oil is to extract, but, fortunately, essential oils are so effective that a little goes a long way. Here’s how to try aromatherapy at home.

    In the tub
    What could be more relaxing on a winter day than a hot, fragrant bath? Place 9 or 10 drops of a gentle oil, such as lavender, in a full tub. The oil will pool on the water’s surface, intensifying the aroma, says Jade Shutes, founder of the East West School for Herbal and Aromatic Studies in Willow Springs, North Carolina, and author of the book Aromatherapy for Bodyworkers (Pearson Prentice Hall, 2007). If you prefer a mellower experience, add the drops to a dispersing agent–such as a tablespoon of honey, whole milk, or vegetable oil–before placing in the bath water. Oils can be added individually or in combination with other scents. To find a complimentary blend: Slowly waft two or more open bottles under your nose at the same time. They should smell balanced and not too pungent. Use less of the dominant scent.

    Essentials: “Lavender sedates the nervous system and can calm stress,” says Shutes. It may also help induce sleep. For deep relaxation, Shutes recommends combining 5 drops lavender with 1 drop of Roman chamomile and 1 drop of comforting neroli. Although too cooling for use in a full bath, peppermint and rosemary essential oils have circulation-stimulating and pain-relieving qualities perfect for soothing tired, sore feet. Mix 4½-5½ drops of peppermint or 5½-8 drops of rosemary in a large, hot foot bath.

    On your body
    Instead of springing for a professional massage when muscles tighten up, work out knots at home with sedative essential oils that have a depressant effect on the nervous system. As long as it has very little scent, any light oil–such as vegetable, sunflower, or walnut oil–or professional oil-based massage lotion can make a good carrier. Don’t use over-the-counter lotions, however, which are typically water based and soak in too quickly. Start with 1 drop of essential oil for every teaspoon of carrier. “If you know your skin sensitivity, you can increase that slightly,” says Ingrid Martin, author of Aromatherapy for Massage Practitioners (Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2006). “Using a strong blend, however, without assessing your skin sensitivity first can result in skin rashes and allergic reactions. But eventually you may want to add more essential oil to have a greater effect on physical injuries.”

  • Andrew

    I surely believe so. I have been using God’s Medicine Is Best by Linda Wise HOME REMEDIES.


  • Giselle de Tel

    Hi, i believe alternative medicine has a lot to offer and i have witnessed some cures.
    I believe that a holistic approach gives the best chance of a cure.
    Finding the RIGHT natural or herbal remedy for the cause of the problem may very well cure it. But it is finding exactly what alternative method suits the sufferer that may be the most difficult part. Patience and unfortunately money is involved too. What works for one doesn’t always work for another.
    I always try to heal myself first. I also consult a doctor when i have to but i regret that i always always come away disappointed and disheartened… not to mention frustrated because i can sometimes see they are missing the point.

    I think having faith in nature and taking responsibility for your own health is the best way forward.

    Best of luck. 🙂

  • lightspeed21

    Natural health remedies are widely acknowledged to be preventive in nature.

    But many people also use these natural health remedies in conjunction with Western medicine to cure ailments.

  • pelops_dl

    If a treatment works to cure a disease or manage the symptoms (like, say, asthma) then it is medicine. There is no ‘alternative’. That is basically a marketing concept. When a treatment works doctors use it. When it doesn’t they don’t.

    Alt Med is really a dangerous movement. While it gives people a sense of control over their own health, this control is not real. It makes them ‘feel’ better, but the stars of the Alt Med movement just don’t work. Homeopathy: fail. Acupuncture: fail. Chiropractic: fail. "Traditional Chinese Medicine" (not actually traditional if you look at the history of it: first touted and called such by Chairman Mao): fail.

    The only plausible ‘alternative medicine’ is herbs. But those are just drugs in an unrefined form. When a chemical in an herb has a beneficial effect we extract it, test it for efficacy and safety, find out what doses are best, then offer it up for sale. Sometimes when we modify the chemical it works differently or even better. Hence the pharmaceutical industry.

    Alternative medicine is the disease, not the cure. Science has the cure. AltMed only has smoke, mirrors, self delusion, and outright fraud. AltMed practitioners are at best uninformed or self-delusional, and at worst they are con artists selling old time Snake Oil. This is truly the Golden Age of quackery, and we are at risk from it in various forms.

    Notice how some people say that it cures diseases ‘alongside’ real medical care? Ever wonder what happens when you only use normal medical care? The same thing. It doesn’t cure anything. If a person goes on a regimen of chemo for cancer and is cured, but at the time was drinking green tea and doing coffee enemas, guess what gets the credit? Not science, you can bet on it.

    Also you get this ‘nature is good’ thing. I don’t think any of them have ever seen nature before because they’d realize that there is nothing nature loves more than to devise new poisons and new ways to kill things. Nature is dangerous. Nature is violent and scary. Nature means constant struggle to avoid being killed. That is nature. Anyone who’s ever watched one episode of "Wild Kingdom" knows this. Nature gives us belladonna, malaria, pirahna, botulinin toxin, and arsenic. Those are ALL NATURAL. So by the many AltMed proponents logic these are all safe and good for you. I’d like to see them ingest some Campylobacter jejuni (an all natural bacteria!) and see how ‘in tune’ with nature they get.

  • Sabrina

    My home business is all about health & wellness and the first step in being healthy and living a healthier life is prevention. Modern medicine is all about "finding a cure" which is a bunch of "bull" if you ask me. And we spend billions of dollars in research. And although there are natural remedies out there, that do work, and are much better not to mention safer versus modern medicine with all the steroids and side effects, for common ailments, I feel it is important not to misinterpret the two. My point being is we are all aware that we do not get all the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need consistently thru diet alone… before having to look for "cures" try "prevention" but in order to really do that you have to take several more things into consideration. Check out my website for more info and to answer your question, yes, natural is the way to go, as for actual cures? I don’t know.

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