Any recommendations for natural oral health remedies?

I am looking for an alternative medicine.
I was told oregano and myrrh..
Can I take the tea or spice, or do I have to use the oils?
I had a tooth pulled and am having a root canal..
I don’t want it to get infected.
Can I use a tea to keep my mouth clean?
The dentist thinks I am on antibiotics..
I refuse to take them..
I want to be healthy..
Does anyone know anything I could use?
Please and thank you?!

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  • thenoseknows

    Rinsing with sea salt in warm water is excellent. You can also rinse with a few drops of grapefruit seed extract in water.
    There’s a Homeopathic remedy called Hepar Sulph. that will eject an infection. You can buy it in a 6C or 30C potency at most health food stores. It’s much safer than antibiotics. You can find excellent articles at Dr. Luc de Schepper’s website on how to use remedies properly.
    You may have to fight with your dentist about this but it will be a lot cheaper and no less effective to have them just fill your root canalled tooth with a plastic sealer rather than cut it off and put a crown on it. The sealer method is used all over Europe. And the work seems to hold and last better. Very often root-canalled teeth "fail" in 2-10 years. It’s not guaranteed anyway, so why pay more?

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