about high cholesterol?

my mom has high cholesterol nd i wana no what cuases it, what foods give it to you, what foods help with it, nd like i hear eggs have a lot of cholester but if you cook em sunny side they dont??? and any other interestng facts you can inform me on.


  • calzrhe

    Egg yolks has more cholesterol than egg whites. Anything meaty has cholesterol. Milk has cholesterol. Anything coming from an animal has cholesterol.

    Cholesterol is the raw material that gets converted into Vitamin D when you’re in the sun. So it is important. However, too much cholesterol would mean that they will clog up your arteries and increase blood pressure. If there is so much cholesterol that an artery is completely clogged, then you could have a heart attack.

    Look at the animal world. Plant eaters don’t consume cholesterol. They produce their own. Meat eaters are predators and the consume cholesterol. But these predators live very active lives. They are able to burn the fat and reduce their cholesterol.

    Your mom should do cardiovascular exercise. She should start with brisk walking if she can’t jog or run yet.

  • Kevin

    Ok she has to exercise (consult a doctor first)
    -fried foods gives you cholestoral, cut out chocolate, chips, greasy foods
    -cardio lowers it
    -reduce stress
    -eggs have cholestoral but check if it’s good/bad cholestoral

  • Bco4th6th

    Plants DO contain cholesterol – just not as much as animals.

    But don’t worry about your cholesterol intake, anyway. The body only uses about 25% of the cholesterol it gets from outside sources, and this goes to sustain the cholesterol in the cells and the brain.

    There is no "good cholesterol" and "bad cholesterol". The stuff found in the blood is called "bad cholesterol", and without merit. True, it often builds up to become a life-threatening issue, but you need to look at what causes it – and why.

    When you get dehydrated, the body often borrows water from the blood to inject into the cells. This causes the blood to become acidic and toxic. Pumping this acidic blood through the arteries causes tiny cuts and abrasions to the artery walls that could peel off and cause an embolism in the brain or other organ.

    To prevent this, the body will produce cholesterol to act as a patch or band-aid to protect the damaged area until repairs can be made.

    Unfortunately, the medical profession has a double standard where dehydration is concerned. They’ll recognize dehydration when they can charge you $385 to treat or prevent it with an IV in the emergency room, but they refuse to recognize it as the cause of health problems.

    Therefore, the dehydration continues, as does the acidic blood. As long as the acidic blood causes the damage that it does, the body will continue to produce cholesterol.

    Sadly, this could be avoided if doctors would just instruct their patients on how to treat and prevent dehydration at home (orally, not intravenously). Doctors won’t do this because there’s no profit in prescribing water.

    You can learn how to do it yourself by clicking on the link below.

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