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  • friday091607

    forget all of this stuff…i started washing my makeup off at night and then rubbing honey all over with a little water(it is chemically impossible for bacteria to grow on honey) i havent broken out once since the first day i did it. and for the scars and redness ive been using oatmeal…dampened and scrub all over, rinse and pat dry. i am seeing huge results i do the honey morning and night and the oatmeal at night. its cheap,and all natural…so no burning, pealing, or major redness.

  • sryatrea12214

    dude you need to lighten up a little bit

  • tifabusht

    Simple home remedies for acne and pimples given here will cure your acne in 3 days,

    Getacnecure . Com

    Home Remedies for Acne and Treatments to have clear and smooth skin permanently.

  • OctoberAle

    Very encouraging video!! I went to the Derm this morning and he prescribed me with RetinolA, however i was very depressed thinking it wouldnt work because i tried everything too. Now that i saw this video it gave me hope!!! Tyvm.

  • Anniegirl216

    Luve you! Went to Dermatolgist because of you & I’m on the exact regiman & also have had the same amzing results. All because of you & this video my life has changed. Thank you

  • acdale448

    I use both those prescriptions AND take a pill to dry out my skin and nothing helps. My family literally pays $300 a month on my skin care not including dermatologist visits.

  • AcneTreatmentTips1

    You can also try the AcneFree system from walmart. Fast results within a few days. It initially worked for me then it stopped. But since your acne is minor it might help.

  • David Miller

    It still surprise me, just how many people have no idea about Acnezilax Secrets (do a google search), even though lots of people get great results with this natural acne remedy. Thanks to my friend who told me about Acnezilax Secrets, I have fully break free from acne, and finally get a beautiful clear skin

  • pilover25

    my doctor told me to use the same stuff for my acne (which is very mild and is just in my t zone area) and all it did was make my skin dry and flakey WHAT SHOULD I DO?! help?

  • Puella992

    i agree. some of us just have it because of our genetics. we just have to grow out of it, because you can’t go against genetics. these things help a little.

  • Lauren Daniels

    So are you going to have to put these on your face for like the rest of your life? What were the again?

  • dannyboi923

    lol i could sit and listen to you all day and never get bored coz you are so exited about what your saying next !

  • hiirose27

    hey everyone! if you have the time please go check out my channel and subscribe if you’d like. im new but i promise my videos are going to improve soon 🙂 thanks xoxo

  • LilSamCA

    when you went through your purging stage when the Retin A made you break out, how long did it last before it cleared up again?

  • healthypretty

    Sulfur worked for me. Yeah, that nasty smelling compound. I put a 10% sulfur mask on my face for 10 minutes 2-3 times a week.

  • 14aalyssa

    You need to find a good moisturizer, my dermatologist recommended Neutrogena Oil free moisturizer. Or any moisturizer that is perfume, alcohol free and made for sensitive skin. Then use a separate face sunscreen (Neutrogena makes a matching sunscreen) because that product can make you extra sensitive to the sun. Hope this helps!

  • angelgabriellewalker

    try accutane! I had the worst acne when I was 14, and I went on accutane. I’m 16 now and I only get pimples every now and then.

  • refreshyourself111


  • Yo Dawg

    You sound like Mila Kunis.

  • muskatsn

    you are soo adorable <3

  • draula21

    I went the doctor today and she said I didn’t need anything but I do hav acne and no one I no has acne cus in a year late and I’m going puberty and there all making fun of me and like I’m new at this skool they think I’m a creep I use 2 b popular until acne came wat do I do?

  • kgstudioproductions

    you explained everything really well

  • UnicornCouture

    How did you wear make-up while you had peeling/flakey skin? I’ve tried that before & It was just a not so pretty sight! 🙁

  • Gothdollythirteen

    my best freind went to a dermatologist and he told her acne had NO CURE :/ cuz she has adult acne … i think its bs …. 🙁

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