Zone Diet Proven Healthy For You

Now, more than ever, people are becoming over weight and even obese. This is due to many factors. The most common factor is the ease of access to unhealthy foods we have within our reach 24 hours a day. We also live a busier and hectic kind of lifestyle than our ancestors did. Many of us work jobs which entail long hours of sitting. If you have a significant other, spouse, or kids there’s really not a lot of time left over for proper exercise either.

So, is there nothing you can do to shed those unwanted pounds that have either; crept up on you, or have been with you most of your life? Actually, yes, there is something you can do to get control of your own body back. You can go on the Zone diet.

Who created the Zone diet?

The Zone diet was created by a man named Dr. Barry Sears. Dr. Sears has a very impressive work history. He was a researcher at both Boston University School of Medicine and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, both are very prestigious schools. He spent 30 years studying what are called lipids.

In 1982, a discovery by science was made that paved the way for Dr. Sears to create the Zone diet. There is a hormone produced in the body known as eicosanoids. These hormones play a role in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, auto-immune diseases and cancer. They come from dietary fat in the food we eat.

He then realized that if food were looked at like a drug, eicosanoids in cardiovascular, diabetic, and neurological patients could be better treated. Thanks to the success of this method, it led the way for his book The Zone to be published in 1995. To date, his book has sold over 2,000,000 hardcover copies.

How does the Zone diet work?

The Zone diet by Dr. Sears works because you use food to control the eicosanoids. You do this by eating low fat protein, low glycemic load carbs (these can be found in fruits and vegetables) and heart friendly monounsaturated fats. Besides eicosanoids, there are two other types of hormones that influence both weight gain and weight loss. They are insulin and glucagon. A brief description of each follows:

Eicosanoids: These types of hormones are responsible for what is referred to as silent inflammation. These hormones also involved indirectly in many other types of hormone systems within our body.

Insulin: This hormone is a storage hormone. If your body produces too much insulin it can cause you to become obese and the excess insulin will also to help prevent you from losing any weight. It also helps to accelerate the silent inflammation.

Glucagon : This hormone is key to helping you to lose weight. It will tell your body that it’s okay to release the stored carbohydrates so your body can burn them as fuel. When this happens you will have a stabilized blood sugar level. This will help you to feel energetic all day and have a sharp, focused, mind.

The diet, though based on complex and advanced scientific research, is actually very simple to follow. Dr. Sears tells you exactly what types of foods you need to eat and when to eat them. If you follow the Zone diet, you will turn your body into a fat burning machine. Most important, you won’t feel hungry, because the types of foods you eat will make you feel full and will regulate blood sugar which will keep you from having cravings.

The average weight loss for someone on the Zone diet is 5 pounds within the first two weeks. If you’re tired of those extra pounds and you want to stop putting the junk into your body that is silently killing you from the inside out; then you should consider the Zone diet. If you start today, you could be 5 pounds lighter within 2 weeks and more importantly you’ll feel more energetic and focused.