What would be a natural home remedy for snoring?

Besides ginger, what other dietary supplements or change in life style might help reduce snoring? I snore once in a while but I would like to understand what could be causing it and what safe remedy can be used to cope with this somewhat health issue?


  • Here are some dietary supplements that might help reduce snoring

    Well there are homeopathic remedies that claim to be effective for snoring. One form is a pill made up of herbs and natural enzymes from plants. Example of enzyme blend of Protease, Amylase, Lipase and Cellulase. The herbs could be elderberry, yarrow flowers and echinacea root. The claim is they allow the body to absorb back mucus secretions in the nasal passage. This reduces the nasal passage size, in order to allow more air flow for breathing.

    A herbal remedy known for a sleep aid is "Coffea" not coffee. Coffea is derived from coffee beans which is surprising. Coffea is a sleep aid which offers health benefits. With the proper dose it is a perfect homeopathic treatment to help with snoring. It is known to help with relaxing an overactive mind and sleeplessness also.

  • Coffee

  • Dam God Didnt say Lifes rated R™

    this not home remedy but they sell the nose strips

  • Evana Dukova

    oh why ya ole country boy, you DUN B ELIVING OUT IN THIS HERE COuntry town liek ME!

    U simp need a good MOUNT of MAYO nase and go and stick that here right upy our nostrils.

    that will keep yeh from not only snorin, but a gettin a good restin as well

  • John S

    stop breathing

  • Haley S

    wake yourself up every hour and keep a recorder recording the noise in your room. if you were snoring slap yourself over the face and continue this every hour until the snoring stops

  • Gary Y

    You would really need a full diagnosis from a doctor – age, weight, lifestyle, diet, etc etc.

  • Alex W

    Start by sleeping on your side or your back this can really help a lot. But if you need more home remedies you should check out http://snoringremedies.info

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