What type of thyroid condition is this, and is it serious?

My mom has thyroid problems and shes 99.99% sure i do too. I would believe the one she thinks i have is Hypothyroidism, but were not sure at all. I’m going to go get a blood test for it soon. I am 14 and was diagnosed with depression; so obviously i feel depressed, I have hairloss, my weight has stayed consistent with me for about three or four years but ive only grown about four inches, I have a really fast metabolism.. I heard feeling worthless is a symptom as well, i have that. Im constantly dozing off. I have fatigue and frequent headaches. I can’t seem to remember things. I have low body temperature regularly while everyone else is hot and they touch me and are always like "Whoa youre so cold!" My body always aches.. and I am nervous a lot of the time.
*Other medical information that might be helpful, I have iron deficiency anemia (Which my mom also has) and scoliosis.My mood changes incredibly easily and my PMS is horrible, I also have abnormal menstrual cycles (9 days at a time normally) and really heavy. Also either spread really far apart or frequently.
Thank you!
im also hungry a lot and sweat a little bit more than normal. i have difficulty concentrating and am nauseaus a lot, and kind of restless.

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