What to do if you have to take a baby to bus stop in rain ?

Asked: What to do if you have to take a baby to bus stop in rain ?

I have a daughter in kindergarten j have to walk her to the bus stop every morning. I do not drive I can't drive her to school or to the Stop so every morning I have to bring my eight month old with me. My bf works too early to take her and I have no friends or family who could take her or sit at the stop with her. No other parents are at the stop either. What am I supposed to do when it's super cold or cold and pouring down rain like it is here today
I can't carry him plus hold an umbrella he is going to end up sick and cold
And soaking wet and his eczema will flair up. I just don't know what to do or why they can't stop in front or the house they drive right by it and the other kid at the stop
Is our neighbor


There are great strollers which are very weather proof. Just get you one of those and bundle baby up:)

Buy him a waterproof coat, or a get a raincover for your stroller.

If you have a major problem, speak to the parent of the other child at the stop and see if they'll watch your little girl so you don't have to wait. As she is your neighbour, can't your daughter walk to the stop with her?

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