What thyroid conditions is the drug Armour prescribed for?

I have lost most of my thyroid and was placed on Synthroid. My tests show my drug levels are all right but I still feel far from good.


  • cbrdgt.

    Synthroid (synthetic Thyroxine/ T4) and Armour (Desiccated thyroid compound that provides Thyroxine and Triiodothyronine/ T4& T3) are both used in patients with hypothyroidism. Sometimes it takes a while to feel good after starting on Synthroid. You doctor can give you Cytomel (synthetic T3) in addition to your Synthroid…but they might need to reduce your Synthroid dose. You should take about the different options with your doctor, you should feel good!

  • sxidol

    generally if you have hypothyroidism (slower thryroid) and cant produce hormones you will be put on this to help you lose weight. It’s supposed to aid in speeding up the metabolism but sometimes its given for toher complications and goiter.

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