What is the sexual and health education in America like?

I know before I start that this will sound mean, but… I live in Australia, and we have about a year and a half of sexual education in total that is compulsory in school.

I just wanted to know what Americas sexual education is like, because, quiet frankly most of the people don’t understand that having unprotected sex will get you pregnant. Or if after having unprotected sex and missing you period for a couple of months means you’re pregnant. And these are some of the more intellectual questions.

I don’t know a single person my age where I live who would not know this and it made me wonder if Sexual education in America is actual mandatory… And sorry for sound so mean and judgmental, I know not everyone is that ignorant.
The way I had it, which is almost completely the same throughout Australia, we had a seminar on how babies are born in Prep( first year at school) as well as the different parts of male and female, in grade 2 how babies are formed, grade 4 what sex is, grade 6 was puberty and why people have sex. Then in year 8 we did the whole safe sex and sexual diseases thing, and in year 9 it was basically the same but we only did a few classes on it.


  • alexohh.

    it varies from state to state, in my state, of Nevada, we only have to take semester of a general health course, which only covers sexual education for 3-4 weeks, which was only really about twenty hours. our state focuses on an abstinence only health education, teaching basically nothing about contraception, or how to know if you are pregnant. just teaching you about menstruation, and puberty, which most people already know by the time they have reached the required age for the health course. this abstinence only technique could be a lot of why americans have a harder time knowing whether or not they are pregnant. Many americans also think that "pulling out", or "having the girl on top" prevents pregnancy, due to movies, since we get such a short sex-education teens rely on such things for their sex-education.

  • Rachael

    we do know that. we just dont care.

  • mrs. holden caulfield.

    Well I think sexual education is good where I live but then again I live in Minnesota and our education is generally better all around.

  • Chief Wahoo!

    we sutdy penises and vaginas

  • cheryl

    The only sex ed class I’ve had was a one week class (1 hour a day) in 5th grade, so like age 12 or something. And in Health class in 7th grade I remember learning how to use a condom (the teacher showed us on a banana). Other than that I’ve had no other formal education.

    A year and a half though?! Wow the class must get boring…

    And America isn’t all hicks who don’t know they’re pregnant. There are a few like that but they put a bad name on all us responsible folks.

  • It’s running on the agenda of the far right – so it’s pretty much non existent. Because everyone knows that the conservatives kids don’t have sex right?
    How did they get this power?
    We gave it to them.

  • Yeah it sucks pretty bad, and doesn’t exist really in some states. But yeah, depends on what each states deems mandatory so really no true consistant basis. As well as private schools and no public school related can do different stuff. But also parents can request there children not be subject to it. But yeah it a lot cases states just dropped it do to lawsuits and crap. I think for the most part thought they maybe get it once or twice. But yeah I find it rather lacking from what I know. I went to private school and we got sex ed 6-9th grades, so yeah, and they didn’t skip stuff. Though yeah sex ed in US sucks.


    It depends on the schools if it is mandatory or not. Even so, parents can opt their child out of it if they do not want the school teaching that to their child(ren). I don’t think that its the schools that aren’t doing a good job of teaching, I think its just kids at this age one, don’t think it ill happen to them, and two, don’t care until it happens to them.

    It is the job of the parents to make sure their kids know about sex, if you are a parent you need to take to your kids about sex, drugs, peer pressure. Even if the schools do it, it is still your job as a parent, and lets face it, with kids today having kids, they don’t know enough about it to teach their own kids. Its a sad story.

  • sickmuse

    Yes it is mandatory, and most people are well educated in this area. Whoever gets pregnant without meaning to/wanting to is ignorant. Don’t some people in Australia have unexpected or unwanted babies?

  • Sexy_Sadie

    Well, lets see. In fifth grade, we had a week where we watched "the videos" so we would know what was happening to our changing bodies. Our parents could choose whether or not to allow us to view those films, so I suppose some children may have missed out.

    Oh, I also had "health class" in middle school, but we mostly talked about halitosis, the food pyramid, and sun exposure. I remember something about condoms, maybe? Oh, and something about AIDS.

    That was the end of my school-sponsored sexual education in America.

  • collin

    Okay, I wish the U.S. was like that…people here are so incredibly ignorant it’s just sad.

    Our sex-ed consists of a 35 minute educational video and about one class period (1 hour) of teachers answering anonymous questions written on note cards. Oh yeah, and this all takes place in fifth grade. It gets even better, it’s not mandatory. Parents have to agree to their children attending this course, those that can’t/don’t want to go get to go outside to play.

    So basically, it sucks like a cheap Saigon whore. I, like many others raised in the American school system, have learned more about sex from porn than from school. Until I took a non-mandatory anatomy course in high school.

  • Corkie_Lynn92

    Alright well I had my first sex ed class in 5th grade and it was one hour a week for 5 days (they separated the boys and the girls). Then I had my second sex ed class in 6th grade in my science class. It was also one hour a week for 5 days. I had my third sex ed class in my 9th grade science class, 1 hour/5 days. Finally, I had my last sex ed class in my 11th grade biology class, 1 hour/10 days.

    Each year it went more and more in depth. I’ve learned about STDs, pregnancy, birth control, sex, female and male anatomy, etc.

    I live in California by the way.

  • zeldaslexicon

    Spend a little time in this area of the YahooAnswers forum and you’ll get an idea. Sex ed is now virtually nonexistent in the American classroom. Someone got the bright idea that if you keep young people ignorant (through lack of information) and afraid (through religion), that that will keep them from doing anything "bad" (i.e., having sex).

    Now our country boasts an insanely high rate of teenage pregnancy, disease, and people who lack even the most rudimentary information about how their bodies work. It’s quite sad.

    You don’t sound mean or judgemental – just realistic.

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