What determines blood cholesterol level?

I’m not just looking for how various diets affect cholesterol level, but mainly for a description of the processes in the body that change blood cholesterol levels.


  • Cholesterol plays an important role for the formation of cell wall (lypoprotein), and bile acids. In our body, cholesterol is synthesised by the intestine and liver. It is estimated that diet provides 800 grams of cholesterol in a day intake.
    However, regardless of the area of synthesis, cholesterol is finally metabolised by the liver causing the production of bile acids, LDL and VLDL. However, majority of the cholesterol is utilised for the production of the bile acids.
    It is interesting to know that dietary habit plays only a little role for regulating the cholesterol level in the blood as majority of the cholesterol is synthesised by the intestine and the liver. Our body also has a compensatory mechanism that it causes decreased absorption of cholesterol and excrete excess amount of cholesterol through the faeces when supplied excessively through the diet.
    Hope, it helps
    Hope, this helps.

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