What are your natural remedies for a bladder infection?

yep, bladder infections SUCK! I think I’ve got the begginnings of one. I was up at 5 with this burning sensation, so I went and pee’d and it wasn’t too painful but I started guzzling water right then and there. SO instead of going to the DR’s I decided to hit the net for natural remedies. So far I’m trying one that has you drinking salt water. About a teaspoon in 8oz of water. Its not too bad. That water just feels silky which is weird and makes me gag. I’ve probably pee’d six times in the last two hours.
Anywas the last time I pee’d it felt a bit better.
SO my question is. What natural remedies have you tried that HAVE worked?

P.S I’m going to be asking this in alternative medecines and womens health.

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