• Nekka

    You can:
    1. Visit a bookstore or public library and browse their health sections.
    2. Surf to http://www.mothernature.com and browse the learning center
    Then find someone who knows about natural remedies (check at a local health food store or browse your local yellow pages) and ask questions.

  • jacqie W

    Im studying to be a Master Herbalist. Feel free to ask me. Theres lots of options for different ailments.

  • Susan Yarrawonga

    Perhaps you might be interested in the website http://www.naturalremedyguide.com.

  • Katrina K

    Well you did not mention what ailments you want to know the treatments for. Anyways you can see Mamaherb.com for what ever aliments you are suffering for. Its a natural herb site with info about the various herbs that are useful for a certain ailment.
    Hope it has all your answers.

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