What Are Some Home Remedies for Insomnia?

Everyone at some point or another will experience a night or two where they simply can’t get to sleep. This could be the result of a stressful day, medical aches and pains, or a continued result of bad sleeping habits. Insomnia is a very real concern for many and if untreated it could lead to serious health conditions, prevent you from functioning appropriately throughout the day, and leave you feeling sleep deprived. If you’re not quite ready to take your concerns to your doctor, there are some things you could try at home to remedy the situation.

Watch Your Eating Right Before Bed

Try to avoid eating anything heavy, high in sugar, or high in caffeine right before you go to bed. Experts recommend not eating at least three to four hours before turning in for the night. If you’re going to have a snack before bed make sure that it is portion controlled and that you eat foods that might encourage sleep. For instance eating a banana which has tryptophan and amino acids are ideal as they can create serotonin which is a natural chemical in the brain to promote sleep.

Be More Mindful of Your Sleeping Schedule

Sometimes insomnia comes down to a person not having enough sleep each day. In order to kick this naturally all you have to do is create a new sleeping routine that will give you the 6-8 hours you need every night. Some ideas might include waking up at the same time each day, cut back on day time naps even when you feel tired, and try to get to sleep at the same time every night. Once your body is used to a natural routine you will find that your inner alarm clocks will kick in and you will feel tired at the same times and will also wake up around the same time without the need for an alarm.

Remove the Stresses from Your Life

If your insomnia has to do with stressing out over a particular person or event in your life it is time to remove that from your brain. Begin by writing down everything that has you stressed out at the moment and sort it into groups of things that you can fix and things that are beyond your control. Make a plan to fix the stresses in your life that you can do on your own and rationalize the things that are out of your control. If stress has to do with too many responsibilities you might consider shortening your daily schedule, asking for help, and learning when to say no.

Prep Your Bedroom

Another idea for treating insomnia at home is to prep your bedroom. Let’s say for instance you work at night and need to get sleep during the day. Purchase some dark curtains, shades, or blinds to deflect the light, use aroma therapy candles such as lavender to soothe your mind, and maybe put on some soothing instrumental music to really set the tone.

If these remedies do not assist you with getting over your insomnia it is wise to see a medical professional. It is possible that the causes are related to a preexisting medical condition or the medications that you are currently taking. Getting a doctor’s advice before stopping medications is always a must.