Water retention? any natural remedies?

Ive recently increased my water intake. I am urinating alot but my hands and feet are still swollen. im wondering if theres something natural i can take or do? i prop my feet up when they swell to help ease ot because it is painful and annoying and i hold my hands above my head and that seems to help. but i cant alway prop my feet and hold my arms like that.


  • HerbGirl44

    I’d also look at natural diuretic herbs like Dandelion leaf. Cleavers is an herb that helps flush the lymphatic system and can help in water retention. You may want to look at your local health food store for a combination formula.

  • GirlsDeadMonster

    There is, you can eat food with diuretic properties like celery, lettuce, carrots, and cucumber. You can take a daily supplement of vitamin B6, B5, B1 and D. You can lessen your salt intake and avoid drinks like tea, coffee, and alcohol; drinking these will dehydrate you and cause water retention to worsen.

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