Treating Eczema

FAQ: Q: What is the purpose of each ingredient? A: oatmeal-soothes and moisturizes dry skin, helps skin’s natural defense barrier, and also has cleansing properies baking soda-cleanses milk-the lactic acid acts as a mild exfoliator, helping to slough off dead skin cells Q:What kinds of milk can be used? A: Cow’s, goat’s, powdered…The point is to have that lactic acid present. However, soy or rice milk can be substituted. Q: Why did you use oat flour instead of Quaker Oatmeal (used for cereal)? A: Oat flour is a lot easier to clean up. It dissolves into the water, creating a slippery, murky liquid. Also, it can help the skin more, since the particles are small. [Purchased from Whole Foods] Q: Is your skin sticky afterward? A: No. My skin rinses clean, and is soft to the touch. Q: Is this safe for babies? A: Yes. You would use far less of each ingredient. Perhaps 1/3 less. Q: How often can I take an oatmeal bath? A: Everyday, if you’d like. It’s extremely gentle. Q: How does this compare to Aveeno’s oatmeal packets? A: This is 1000 times better. Unlike Aveeno, this treatment doesn’t contain MINERAL OIL or any preservatives. Also, it’s inexpensive to create. Q: What is hydrocortisone cream? A: An anti-itch cream that can be prescribed by your doctor or purchased at the drug store. It helps with allergic reactions to jewelry, insect bites, poison ivy/oak…I use the 1% cream.


  • NiaSoPurdy

    what’s the name of this song? i love this but never knew the name

  • Mikou71

    It’s the first movement of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 14 in C# Minor. The popular name is Moonlight Sonata.

    Thanks for the suggestions, CHB!

  • Prettybrown107

    Tanhks for the vid. it nice to see info about eczema. my eczemz has got a lot better beacase my mother gave me a lot of oatmeal baths.when i was a child. i just don’t like the scars and marks that are left behind.

  • teaundra

    I use the sam shea/hydrocortisone. I mix mine together I apply them to the areas affected & I dnt towel dry those areas so i can seal in that water. Be careful with the bath. Some eczema harbors yeast and the yeast can feed on that milk

  • Lifeisagift1990

    nice video! I used to do oatmeal soaks.

  • DariceHumphries

    Does this irritate any of you nauty bits?

  • DariceHumphries

    Does this irritate any of you naughty bits?

  • suqiit

    I have eczema and so do both of my children. During the winter I put 2 tbsp on grape seed oil in their baths. I let them wash with black soap or dr. bronner’s soap. They use shea butter on their skin. This works for all 3 of us. I will try the oatmeal bath if things get bad, but most people don’t even know we have eczema because these things work so effectively for us.

  • localnorganic

    i had all my life and for me no. i usually get it on my hands and arms – you can see it in my videos .

  • CoilyHairedBeauty

    Nope, so far so good ^_^

  • leebnatural

    omg im goin through the eczema break out all over my face i am currently using hydrocortisone on my face as well its startin to come in on my legs and arms had it all my life uhhhhhh!! lol

  • ssphantasmagoria

    If you already have oats just grind them in a grinder or food processor. Voila! Fresh oat flour!

  • Randomthewackokid

    For King it helps, but if yu stop using it it’ll get worse..n they give yu a lil tube.

  • maria diaz

    I got Celiac,i cant have oatmeal on it but the rest is good.

  • hellokittylova345

    I hope this works I’m 14 and I have eczema all over my neck around my lips on my arms etc… I’ve tried so many things but it’s only made it worst over the years . My aunt mentioned this video to me I really hope it works

  • CoilyHairedBeauty

    Aw, I hope so too! =)

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