Thyroid Condition Dilemma!?

I am 19 years old, without insurance, broke and trying my damnedest to get my life back in order. I have always had a weight problem, but I have always been an unnaturally healthy eater and incredibly active person. I have my moments, yes, but my greatest weakness is, simply, pure cocoa. That’s it. I don’t like cakes or pastries or candies, I never have. Just pure cocoa (I know, gross, right?) and mango -my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

I’m currently severely overweight, despite going to the gym all the time and eating all my fruits and veggies. It has been suggested to me to go on a diet. But I can’t. Diets have meal plans and I’m allergic to so many things it’d be such a waste to go on a diet.

I’m Vegan, and before anyone gets on my case about it, I’m allergic to dairy, meat, eggs, honey, shellfish, water fish, leather, wool, the cow itself and all bugs. I was genetically made, as it seems, to be Vegan. Also, I have a high sensitivity to gluten, yeast and anything wheat derived. Its hard enough keeping up with all of this, but I do, somehow.

But now the thyroid. Only recently did I find out about it, before my insurance was gone (my dad passed away recently and he was my source of insurance), but I never got the chance to get medication (we didn’t have enough money at the time) and I, now, have neither insurance nor money.

I’m exhausted, wearing parkas in summer, getting bigger, and so on and so forth. It is unbearable, I don’t feel like myself and it just seems to be getting worse.

Are there natural ways to tend to this?
**Water Fish:
I meant just plain ol’ fish. Don’t know why I felt the need to add water in there, I’m pretty sure there are no land fish.
Thank you all for your great advice!

I currently have no family to call on, per se. There is family in existence, but those who still talk to me don’t have the means to pay for a doctor visit, and the rest, well, just wont talk to me. My relationship with a lot of my family is strained, so I can’t really go to them, and my mother can’t even afford having me living with her, much less taking me to see a doctor.

How much will it cost me to go to an emergency room?

Also, I have cut out gluten entirely. It was hard, but I managed. I make everything from scratch, read the labels on the things I can’t and research the ingredients I’m not sure about. I work very hard at it.


  • Title 42 of federal law states that they must treat you in an emergency room IF you are in imminent threat of dying, or giving birth to a baby…

    So if you go to an emergency room, you will simply end up with a larger bill than going to a clinic….

    Make an appointment with a clinic (I don’t know about where you live, but where I am we have clinics that are 29 bucks a visit), have your doctor fax your test results to the clinic, and have them write you a script. Most medications for thyroid conditions are only a few dollars per month, even without insurance….

    And since you have so many allergies to critters, have them write the script for synthroid -that’s the artificial one that isn’t made from pork.

    There isn’t anything natural that is going to budge that condition…
    But I do hope you find a way to resolve it…

  • Rays2002

    Ignore the Acai berry advice. Go to the local clinic and get your TSH level checked. Offer to pay your doctor installments – try $10/month. There is no "superfood" or shortcut. If you have thyroid disease get it treated – if not you’ll have the peace of mind to try a good diet. Good luck.

  • april

    You can’t combat this on your own, you will need medication, did you find out if you were under or over active, if your over you will need carbimazole or under you will need thyroxine, you must see a G.P. I am underactive & my medication is free for life, but i do live in the U.K. hope you get sorted soon, have you no family at all that can help, an aunt-uncle-gran-grandad,, take care.

  • ClicketyClack

    You’re going to have to go to the emergency room of your city hospital. By law, they must treat you. You will see a doctor who can have your thyroid levels analyzed and prescribe meds.

    Check out the Walmart meds that they sell for only $4 for 30 days worth. It will help the doctor prescribe the least expensive medication that still treats your condition.

    As for diet, ask around and see if you can find a friend with the booklets and info from Weight Watchers. It really works and is the easiest plan to adapt to a vegan or allergy type eating regimen.

    Good luck to you!! : /

  • Shadycat

    You mentioned your sensitivity to gluten, and there’s a strong correlation between thyroid issues and gluten. You didn’t specify whether you refrained from ingesting any and all gluten products. If you still eat them, I would suggest cutting them out completely.

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