Thyroid condition! advice please?


I have an underactive thyroid. Diagnosed in June 2008.
In July 2009 after many tries with Thyroxine to get the levels right, it finally regulated, then, I fell pregnant!

Since I had my baby its all over the place. Im still in the process of trying to get the levels right.

Has anyone else had this? I have another blood test on Friday.

Its so frustrating. Im a healthy person. I eat healthy and exercise. But when the levels are wrong, my weight is so bad!



  • Jared

    Very, very common. Particularly during gestation/pregnancy. Furthermore, pregnancy and post-partum is accompanied by profound alterations in thyroidal economy, resulting from a complex combination of factors specific for the pregnant state: the rise in T4-binding globulin concentrations, the effects of CG on the maternal thyroid, alterations in the requirement for iodine, modifications in autoimmune regulation, and the role of the placenta in deiodination of iodothyronines.

    I would have to generally conclude that if you are gaining weight abnormally the concentrations of T3 are low,.. and your exogenous thyroid medication need adjusted upward, and sustained even with slightly elevated markers on blood test(s). If you are losing weight, the reverse, a lowering of the medication even with lower markers on the test for a sustained period — IE: At least 8-10 weeks.

    Further, I always recommend Amour-Thyroid which contains T3 and T4 for patients with treatment resistant or problematic hypothyroidism.

    I find that focusing more on subtle changes in Thyroid Stimulating Hormone can be a good general marker to base medication adjustment upon.

    Shifting medication on bi-monthly or monthly blood work is simply too often,.. many times it takes several months for the HPTA axis and general body to establish balance with these hormones.

    If your current doctor just cannot seem to get things straight , consider seeing a thyroidologist. This is a highly specialized doctor in the field you need. I anticipate your body is still slightly adjusting to the pregnancy, and there are some autoimmune changes that often occur post gestation that are somewhat permanent, or can take quite a while to regulate which is giving you such a hard time. The use of these hormones and even function of your own thyroid is likely fluctuating which is nearly impossible to treat with any regularity for obvious reasons,.. unless you were to radioactively destroy your own function so regulation were possible. This is NOT recommended, just academically/theoretically added for contrast.

    Hang in there.. things will work out sooner than later.

  • Razor's Edge

    The readjustment may take a little time. just continue to follow your physicians advise. you may also want to keep a log of your over and under activity so that you have a record to show your physician. Keep track of days you feel sluggish, or overactive, is this the result of your menstrual cycle or some present illness. Are you gaining weight, are you tired, track when, how long, and under what circumstances. This documentation will allow your physician better insight into what your exact issues are and when they occur.

  • take Magnesium chloride

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