tamarind has any cholesterol?

i heard tamarind has cholesterol? if i have cholesterol is it harm full for me?


  • Damocles

    Cholesterol is only found in animal products. Tamarinds have no cholesterol in them. Unless your tamarinds are prepared with some animal products (milk, lard, meat, etc.) there is no cholesterol.

    Unless you have a metabolic disorder, cholesterol is not bad for you. Nearly all of the cholesterol in your body and blood is made in your own liver. A certain amount of cholesterol is a normal part of your metabolism and is required for proper function of your digestive and nervous systems.

  • cathy92

    it has no cholesterol

  • K M T

    Cholesterol is also found in large quantities in avocado. But mainly it is produced in the liver of everybody….my husband has high cholesterol because his liver produces too much. Tamarind, as far as l know has no cholesterol.

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