Question about colon cleansing?

Is there any validity to all these colon cleansing claims? My husband heard an infomercial about one product the other day and wanted me to research it. So I did. A couple of the products I’ve seen sold show some very grotesque pictures of things that supposedly came out of thier colon’s (and I’m left wondering if all of that was really in there, how am I alive? Wouldn’t I be so backed up that I would die of sepsis or something?). Other products seem like nothing more than high fiber pills with the promise that it will make you lose weight, give you more energy, and make you healthier and they charge .00. So if colon cleansing is really something that should be done, how do you know what products are legit and which are scams?


  • Vital Force


    I think there is validity to these colon cleansing claims, as I have a personal testimony as to the effectiveness of doing a colon cleanse with a top and safe product.

    However, buyer beware, because there are many ineffective products on the market.

    I feel the best colon cleanse product on the market and in the world is the DrNatura Colonix colon cleanse product at

    This company has been around for over 10 years and has been helping people solve their colon problems and improve their health in that period of time with their amazing advanced internal cleansing program. Thousands of people are very grateful to that company and their intestinal cleanse product.

    I will personally be grateful to that company for my entire life. I had lost my health and it was not until my husband read about DrNatura’s Colonix and we then ordered it, thank God, and did the cleanse that my health started dramatically improving.

    It produced nothing short of huge improvements in my health.

    I had heard about colon cleansing for years and even did colonic irrigation. But it was not until I used DrNatura’s spectacular bowel cleanse product that things turned around for me.

    The intestinal cleansing program has three parts. There is the fiber, a wonderful tasting and soothing tea, and anti parasite herbal capsules. The colon cleanse instructions are very easy to follow and very detailed.

    I tell about everyone I meet about this Colonix product because of what it did for me. My friend, and she is a tiny thing, passed a thirteen inch worm on this cleansing and detoxifying program. She was obviously surprised and shaken up, but so thrilled to get the loathsome critter out of her.

    I had tried different colon cleanse products, but they did not do much for me. The Colonix colon cleanse program is what did the trick. I did not even think I was constipated. I thought things were moving along pretty well. But I could not believe everything coming out of me in those first few days. I thought where in the world has this been hiding as I really don’t have a large belly.

    I always buy more than one months worth to get a discount. I think it is wise to go with a proven award winning product and to go for the best. Save up your money to get the best product and the better results.

    You will be floored at the hundreds of testimonies of people regaining their health, overcoming bowel problems and just feeling so much better after doing the Colonix colon detoxification and cleansing program.

    My website in which I share my personal experience with the Colonix colon cleansing product is

    Keep learning about the intestines and its critical role in your health and overall immune system. This is time extremely well spent.

    Remember, colon cleansing through enemas has been around for thousands of years and this practice continues because of the many benefits people experience from this ancient healing practice

    Do your research and go with your "gut." Your body will thank you if you choose to cleanse your colon.

    Vital Force

  • jimmie_boy

    That’s a load of sh*t. your colon is your large intestine. There’s no way that kind of stuff can come out of it. If you spend $80 on it you’re going to regret it.

  • ღDr.Muffin is Chillin™ღ

    I have not tried these yet so I cannot say if they are for real but what I will suggest is veggie juice fasting and colonics.

    A colonic is the infusion of water into the rectum by a colon therapist to cleanse and flush out the colon

  • amandamugsy79

    Colon cleansing is a good thing to do occasionally. The thing is you don’t have to buy the expensive stuff. Phospho soda works wonders in cleaning the colon. It’s what you drink when you go to get a colonoscopy, so obviously it works and you can get it for a few dollars at Walgreens. It tastes nasty though.

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