Plleeaasse help me! I nneeeeeddd a natural remedy!?

Hi! So, I have been having a bladder infection, I found out today when I went to the doc’s. They prescribed me an anti biotic. But, I just can’t bring myself to take such an unatural pill that weakens the immune system and causes such bad side effects. PLEASE help me! I am big on natural remedies and have been taking d manoss. Right now I’m sipping cranberry juice and apple cider vinegar, staring at the bottle of pills I was prescribed. I CAN’T DO IT! If I take these remedies, how will I know if the infection is gone, or if it is spreading to my kidneys. I’m scared (because my symtoms are so mild) that I won’t know weather I have it or not and it will become serious! What to do? Thanks!


  • Craig Hitchens

    Hi I’m Craig a naturopath from Australia. Now that everyone else has had the jibe at you, I can understand your reservations with antibiotics. They don’t so much weaken your immunity they are harsh on the liver and destroy intestinal bacteria needed for proper immunity and digestion. Having said that, bladder and UTI’s can develop into kidney infections quite easily. You would know if that was happening by and increase in pain and a rise in fever along with lethargy and thirst. Don’t let it get that far.
    Take the antibiotics. Also take some probiotics like this one to help counteract the down side of antibiotics on the gut flora. Take a good liver support formulation like this one to help support the liver during recovery and the antibiotic stage. After you have finished your course of antibiotics, perhaps take a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement for insurance and that is really all you need to do.

    Sometimes the antibiotics are a necessary evil but there are ways to use natural medicine to get around it and enjoy the benefits of both. Hope this helps you out mate. If you have anymore natural health questions, I offer a free advice service through my website here

  • Mark IX

    There’s a reason these medicines were developed – people die from infections like yours. Take the antibiotic.

  • FFS, take the antibiotics, don’t expose yourself to unnecesary risks. Antibiotics do not weaken the immune system, and whatever side effects they may have (most common antibiotics have little or none of them) will never be worse than what bacteria can do to you. As for them being unnatural, most are molecules naturally produced by fungi.

  • Gary K

    The antibiotics will not waken your immune system and the side effects will probably be zero. Unlike the side effects of not treating your infection, which could be permanent kidney disease, or worse. Any treatment other than antibiotics is the same as not treating. Cranberry and vinegar will do absolutely nothing.

    You need to take the antibiotics and stop reading quack websites.

  • You rather die than take an unnatural pill.
    Hey then there ya go….I nominate this years Darwin Awards Winner!
    I’m being sacrastic and glib….

    Fer crying outloud.

    You are terribly misinformed.
    Antibiotics don’t do a darned thing to your immune system.
    You still gain the immunity of having "had" the infection.
    Antibiotics are "birth control" for bacteria – they prevent enzyme reactions that are essential for them to reproduce.

    Take the antibiotics, or never take them and die.
    It’s really that simple, because cranberry won’t do a darn thing for active infections.
    And vinegar? WTF?

    If you take them, you commit to taking every single one, or you place the rest of the world in danger by contributing to supergerms.
    Don’t **** around, alright?
    Eight billion people are depending on you.

    They save lives, they need to be respected and taken appropriately.

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