Plleeaasse help me! I nneeeeeddd a natural remedy!?

Hi! So, I have been having a bladder infection, I found out today when I went to the doc’s. They prescribed me an anti biotic. But, I just can’t bring myself to take such an unatural pill that weakens the immune system and causes such bad side effects. PLEASE help me! I am big on natural remedies and have been taking d manoss. Right now I’m sipping cranberry juice and apple cider vinegar, staring at the bottle of pills I was prescribed. I CAN’T DO IT! If I take these remedies, how will I know if the infection is gone, or if it is spreading to my kidneys. I’m scared (because my symtoms are so mild) that I won’t know weather I have it or not and it will become serious! What to do? Thanks!

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