• Steff

    There are heaps of natural things that can help clear up your acne, although remember it is unlikely you will find a golden bullet, but by taking good care of your skin I’m sure it can improve. You didn’t say whether you use anything right now, or if you wash you face twice daily. If you don’t get into this habit, it’s super easy once you get into it and it makes you feel really fresh. If you are looking for something completely natural try washing your face with raw organic honey, it makes your forearms a bit sticky afterwards though, so be sure to rinse them too. This makes a really good face wash as it is slightly granule as well so it exfoliates, if you want it to be less granule look for one that is lighter in colour (almost white) the lighter the colour the less granule it will be. You could try not putting anything on your skin after this and just leaving it, it will feel dry at first but then will naturally adjust. Also you didn’t say what skin type you have so these are going to be pretty general. Look for products with witch hazel in, this is a killer ingredient for acne prone skin. I also recommend using tea tree oil, use it diluted though as it is really strong. You can try using the body shop tea tree oil, it’s fairly cheap (for the body shop) and you can use it either as a spot treatment or even just as a full face moisturiser if your skin pretty much has spots everywhere (this is what I used to do). You could also try having apple cider vinegar every day, this is cheap and can be found at pretty much any supermarket in the health foods section, although it tastes like crap so if you are going with this method, dilute it as much as is recommended on the label and just skull it, don’t even think about trying to make it taste better, it will never work. Anyway, I hope this helps, you could email me with more info eg. skin type, treatments your using now, age etc. and I could probably give you some more specific ideas or even just google ‘natural homemade cleanser for [insert skin type here] skin’. My email is steffjpenrdragon@yahoo.com.au always happy to help a fellow acne sufferer 🙂

  • kevin

    I know this may sound far fetched but, I had a friend in high school who had horrible acne and a lot of medicines and over the counter treatments weren’t working so his doctor suggested a garlic supplement. You can buy just garlic oil supplements and I think there’s even one called garlique.. He started taking those frequently and his acne slowly started clearing up. Maybe a coincidence but it may also have been what cured his acne

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