Natural Remedies for a ear infection?

I really do not want to have to take a antibiotic, I am about 90% sure it is a ear infection trouble hearing and pain in my left earthen I bend and move. What can I do? Thanks


  • googirl77

    Garlic oil works great. It smells nasty but it works. Or you can go to a health food store and get all natural ear drops. I have done both bc i have so many ear infections. I have also been told by my ear doctor that vinegar works well too. This is true BUT it stings horribly.

  • Peaceful_Inhaler

    Two drops of alcohol in each ear twice a day cured my 2 nephews common infewctions. Feel better

  • *Capri88*

    vinger droplets

  • Aurora Borealis

    Dear DeaconBabe,

    I use Hydrogen Peroxide( 3% ) strength.

    It’s available from any chemist and you will need an eye-dropper as well.

    Try a couple of drops at a time in each ear, if it fizzes up that is a sign of an ear infection.

    If applied morning and night, within a few days your ears should be clear of any infection.

    If you overdo the Hydrogen Peroxide( drying agent ), then just loosen any dried wax with some warm oil or "Cerumol" once the infection has cleared.

    Actually, as a maintenance dose I apply a drop of Hydrogen Peroxide to each ear daily.

    Works like a treat!

    Blessings !

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