Natural remedies fir depression?

Ive been depressed for about a month maybe more now and i need sum help with finding natural remedies rather than taking pills and using drugs. Anything from types of food i could eat to coping skill i could use would b greatly appreciated.


  • David

    Going outside and appreciating life is always a good start.
    Find something that you enjoy doing and do just that.
    Exercise is probably the most answer to your question. Exercise it beneficial to your health for all the obvious reasons but when you exercise it releases endorphins which are responsible for pain relief- and indirectly.. your happiness

  • jbsikes

    The 1st link works great to solve the "feeling" of depression.

    The 2nd link works great to solve the "problem" of what’s causing it.

  • Patrick


  • onlymatch4u

    There’s no doubt that drugs sold as antidepressants do not work and actually work worse than a placebo. Antidepressant Drugs Work No Better than Placebo. The following is a groundbreaking report from the independent, honest medical journal PLoS Medicine (which accepts no advertising money from Big Pharma). The full study, with sources and attributions, can be found at:

    This study is sending shockwaves through the medical community. It finally reveals the Big Pharma hoax behind antidepressant drugs. Through fraudulent science and clever marketing, drug companies have managed to take a drug that works no better than placebo and turn it into a multi-billion dollar scam. But the truth is finally out: Taking Prozac is no more effective than taking a sugar pill! Hundreds of millions of consumers have been fooled by the quack science supporting modern pharmaceutical medicine.

    A regular exercise program works far better than the drugs and will do more for your depression than anything else you do. Having said that, if you get rid of the toxic garbage in your diet, like all the sugar, HFCS, genetically modified foods, processed foods, and learn to eat healthy, you will find your body will treat you to a good life and the depression will be a thing of the past.

    good luck to you

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