natural home remedies ONLY?!?

i woke up today with a stuffy nose 🙁 sore throat, and light head ache.
i have a 2 month old baby in the house and i need to get better ASAP!

also, im NOT a big fan of just popping in pills.. i like to do the more natural route do you know any good home remedies?

im making me a thyme ( anything else? )

thanks 🙂


  • Tesssybear

    i dont like using pills either, echinacia tho still a pill is a homeopathic natural vitamin. it helps colds.
    i always use for a stuffy nose an inhalation sort of thing where theres hot water with eucalyptus oil which produces steam causing u to sweat and helps clear ur nose – consult ur chemist about the needed materials. tigerbalm is good for headaches its a a balm that is orange and smells really strong it can be bought at chemists and health stores, u rub it on the area of headache and temples (MAKE SURE: wash ur hands thoroughly and still avoid contact with eyes after touching the balm otherwise it will sting a lot!) for the sore throat use chamomile tea with honey or other herbal teas
    feel better soon x 🙂

  • Bco4th6th

    Try dissolving 1/8 tsp of salt on your tongue, washing it down with 16 oz of water. In addition, get some vitamin C and potassium supplements.

  • thenoseknows

    You can flush out your sinuses with sterile saline solution or get a Neti pot. No drugs, no side effects, no rebound effect, non toxic. Take at least 5000 iu of vitamin D3 a day in winter to prevent seasonal illness. Hot tea with lemon juice and honey is excellent for a sore throat.

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