Natural Detox remedies?

Hello all,

What fruits, vegetables and other foods promote in the natural detoxification of FAT soluble (not water) toxins?

Thank you!

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  • Apis Noctvrnae

    I just finished doing a liver (fat) detox a week ago. Basically, you fast for 3 days at least. A water fast is the best method of detoxification as it promotes ketoacidosis, which uses fat as energy thus detoxing poisons that were stored along with the fat. However, water fasts are for more experienced individuals.

    I did a juice fast for three days. Basically, you drink half a gallon of water a day at least and drink half a gallon of V8 vegetable juice or juiced veggies of your choice. Drink the juice when you’re hungry. If you’re not hungry, make sure you still drink half a gallon.

    Also, I would recommend going to your nearest health food store and purchasing a Super Green Food product that is loaded with antioxidants from natural green foods known to speed the detoxification process: spirulina, kelp, asparagus, etc. I purchased mine from, which is very cheap.

    You may feel ill the second day as your blood starts to saturate with poisons that were stored in your fat, but do not worry. This is normal. You may have headaches, body aches, flu-like symptoms, but are self limiting. That is, it goes away on it’s own on day 2 to day 3. On the 3rd day, you’ll start to feel so light, mentally clear, and your hunger pangs will subside. You can do this for up to 30 days, but I would recommend against it if you’ve never fasted.

    The day before the fast, though, eat light foods and stay away from meat and dairy in order to prepare for the fast. If and when you resume eating again, eat soups and light veggies for as long as you fasted in order to get your gastrointestinal tract going smoothly.

    This fast is only to be done on the assumption that you have no clinical illnesses. If you do, consult with your primary physician first. ALSO, DO NOT LISTEN to individuals criticizing fasts as bogus. There are TONS of documentation regarding the positive health outcomes of fasting. It’s been done for thousands of years by many individuals in different religions and cultures. The body is extremely resilient.

    Good Luck!

    PS: Why do you think you loose hunger when you’re ill with the cold or flu? It is because it’s your body’s way of forcing itself into a fast-like state, which diverts energy from digestion, which is energy consuming, to attacking the organism and recuperating/repairing.

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