McDonalds Calorie Counter Fast Food for Fast Weight Loss

If you get a McDonalds calorie counter, you won’t have to give up the taste and convenience of eating at America’s favorite fast food restaurant, even if you’re trying to lose weight. McDonalds and other fast food ventures get a bad rap, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

One of the biggest hits McDonalds has taken in the eyes of dieters was the movie Supersize Me, a documentary about eating nothing but McDonalds for thirty days. The movie’s director and nominal star ate nothing but McDonalds for the duration, without the benefit of a McDonalds calorie counter.

Eating McDonalds for three meals a day, he managed to gain better than twenty five pounds and pretty severely impacted his health. Needless to say, this didn’t do wonders for McDonald’s business, and it scared away even more dieter from eating at the fast food giant and led to the widespread availability of the McDonalds calorie counter.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In the wake of Supersize Me, several people took up the challenge of eating nothing but McDonalds food for a month and not gain weight or even lose weight. Which, according to popular thinking, should be impossible.

But, as it turns out, it’s entirely possible to eat nothing but McDonalds or any other fast food and lose weight. What you need to know is what you’re eating and what you can eat, which is where the McDonalds calorie counter comes into play.

McDonalds, like most fast food restaurants, has made the McDonalds calorie counter freely available online and at most of their restaurants. Since the food is all standardized, you can pick one of them up and now that what you get is going to very close to what the guides say.

Since you can do that, you can use the McDonalds calorie counter to figure what foods you can eat, and in what amount. You can eat there and still lose weight; all it takes is proper planning and the right choice of foods.

This doesn’t just mean eating salads and diet soda. You can have chicken McNuggets and hamburgers and fries and even milkshakes. What you can’t do is have them all at once or all the time, or at least not as much as you want all the time.

With the help of a McDonalds calorie counter, you need to select foods that fit into your diet scheme. Which is basically saying that you need to make sure your daily calories fit within a range that is going to let you lose weight. As long as you’re inside that range, you can eat whatever you like.

This does mean that, unfortunately, if you eat at McDonalds three times a day, you can have two double quarter pounders with extra large fries and a milkshake at every meal. You can go all out as an occasional treat, if you really need to, but you need to keep your calories within a reasonable range. But usually, you just need to consult your McDonalds calorie counter and find foods that you can enjoy and lose weight with.