Knowing The Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain

[jwplayer file=’’] "healthy pregnancy weight gain" "healthy pregnancy weight gain videos" "healthy pregnancy weight gain chart" "healthy pregnancy weight gain week" "healthy pregnancy weight gain by trimester" "healthy pregnancy weight gain by month" "healthy pregnancy weight gain first trimester" "healthy pregnancy weight gain calculator" "healthy pregnancy weight gain per trimester" "healthy pregnancy weight gain schedule" It is expected that during pregnancy an expectant mom will gain weight. But how much weight is considered suitable or healthy for pregnant moms? The weight a pregnant mom will gain will depend on the food she eats and the physical activity she does. Eating right and exercising regularly are of course important when trying to maintain or gain weight at a healthy level. The first step an expectant mom like you should do is to consult your health care provider. On a prenatal checkup, your weight will be measured and other necessary physical exam as well as laboratory tests will be performed to wholly assess you and give you professional prenatal care advice that you to ensure you and your baby's health. Generally, if you have an average weight before pregnancy, an ideal weight gain is around 25 to 35 pounds. For women who are already slightly on the heavy side, an ob gyn will recommend less gain weight of about 15-25 pounds. Lastly, for underweight moms, they should gain between 30-40 pounds. Additionally, the extra calories that you <b>…</b>

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