• fannytheclown

    There are herbal formulas available that can help. ‘Wild Yam has natural estrogen in it for instance and that can help. Also, start using progesterone cream. You can get those things at health food stores or order them on the internet. I use soy milk myself as well but it has a high fat content and the plant based estrogen is in the fat so you cant use nonfat. I read somewhere that Japanese women have very low incidence of Menpausal symptoms such as hot flashes and they use alot of soy products.
    Good luck. It sucks, I know.

  • annebananalolitachiquita

    The same thing they give to women who are pregnant and overdue; red and black cohash. You can find them in any herb store.

  • mompoo

    Black cohosh, devil’s claw, hops, mugwort, wild yam.

  • blackswan333

    breathe in and….out

  • maty_hart

    not really, i went through it for almost 2 years. trird everything. heard black liccorish migght help.

  • verdellbluecatharine

    try some black cohosh and some herbal medicines

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