is milk cholesterol bad or good?

hi there i have high cholesterol and i am lowering it down but i do eat breakfast and the milk has cholesterol and idk if its bad or good cholesterol


  • Murchadh

    Cholesterol is produced by our body. It uses the fats we consume. Saturated fat intake contributes to increased LDL cholesterol which is known as the bad cholesterol. Keeping your daily saturated fat levels below 10% is recommended to maintain good cholesterol levels. Some health organizations recommend levels below 7%. Milk and most, if not all animal products contain saturated fat. Be mindful of milk, cheeses, creams, butter, and fatty meats. HDL, good cholesterol, removes LDL cholesterol. This is why your HDL should be higher than your LDL. HDL levels can be increased through exercise, smoking cessation, and omega 3 fatty acids and flaxseed oils.

    To answer your question, milk fat is good for you in moderation. Remember it has saturated fat and saturated fat contributes to total cholesterol increase. Enjoy animal products with saturated fat in moderation – this is especially true given your situation. I would not drink no more that one cup (8 oz). For a 2000 calorie diet, 200 or less of them should consist of saturated fat – if you go by the 10% recommendation.

    FYI: Oatmeal is a good fiber dense breakfast that will help increase your HDL levels. You may want to look in to different forms of milk that are out there.

  • Isabella Swann

    some are good…but most of them are bad.

  • Thommy j

    I MAY NOT BE RIGHT TO ANSWER THIS BUT APPARENTly milk has very low fat and good cholesterol.i’ll post the source website so u can read more.I DIDN’T MAKE OR WRITE OR EDIT ON THIS WEBSITE,so don’t blame me if this website is wrong im just trying to help

  • bonnie

    Milk contains quite a lot of cholesterol but like everything else if taken in moderation it does you no harm. Cholesterol is a waxy, soft substance found in the lipids, or fats, of your bloodstream. Cholesterol is good and useful to the body in many ways: Hormones are made from cholesterol, as are cell membranes, and cholesterol is needed for other cell functions as well. Too much cholesterol, however can become a problem and cause heart disease and death. All fatty foods contain cholesterol which is why someone with high cholesterol levels should avoid fatty foods, a healthy diet will contain all the cholesterol you need so your breakfast milk is fine as long as you don’t overdo it, good luck.

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