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  • Brennerbee

    Acne, in all places they can occur, is a symptom of a over-taxed liver. One of your liver’s jobs is to filter out toxins and things that are harmful to your body. When it is overworked it doesn’t do as good a job with this and skin problems are one of the symptoms. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have liver damage or anything serious, but with the way most people eat now days, skin conditions are common. There are many things you can do to help your liver. If you don’t address the nutrition aspect along with whatever else you choose to do however, you will still run into problems. This is because poor nutrition and eating habits are a main stress on the liver, and if you don’t change that your liver will continue to be stressed.

    There are herbal supplements and vitamins and various things that you can get at a good Health Food store. There are Natural Health practitioners that can give you guidance.

    As far as a good Health Food store goes, the best ones have staff trained in natural health areas.

    This has been what I’ve learned from my experiences along the way. I go see a Naturalpathic/Homeopathic Doctor myself.

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