How to recognise Bacterial Vaginosis

Being a woman means looking good and taking care of our appearance. Each year women spend millions on beauty products in a bid to keep themselves not only looking and feeling good but also smelling good. So, when an unpleasant smell begins to make itself known and in the most private of lady parts, it is no wonder than many women are overwhelmed with embarrassment.

In many cases, when bacterial vaginosis rears its ugly head the symptoms can be rather alarming. No woman likes to have a lingering smell in her vagina, especially when it resembles that of fish. The obvious symptoms that indicate something is not quite right down below are those of a greyish looking discharge accompanied by a foul smell, generally referred to as that of a fish market. But bacterial vaginosis does not always have the obvious symptoms and in this instance the odds that it is a mild infection are high.

Therefore, knowing how to recognise bacterial vaginosis is important because once detected it can be swiftly treated and all feeling of shame can be wiped out. Caused by an imbalance of bacteria in the vagina, BV can cause a certain amount of discomfort if left untreated. So if you notice a sudden increase in tenderness and a change in the appearance of colour of any discharge then do seek medical advice. This will not only help relieve any unpleasantness and embarrassment but also prevent any other problems from progressing any further.

For younger women, it is crucial that we do not try to live with the problem rather than deal with it. Bacterial vaginosis is fairly common and it is estimated that about a third of the female population may experience it at some point in their life.