how to cleanse my colon?

I have stomach acid refulx, also I have lots of gas. I get constipated easily. I’ve been taking one spoon of organic coconut oil, which helps me have bowel movement everyday. someone told me to stop having all that gas, which beeno and gax-x don’t work, better to have my colon cleansed. what is a way wich is easy and doesn’t make me go through hell? thanks.


  • I Have For You Top Tips On How to Effectively Cleanse the Colon

    The colon which is an important part of our digestive system is in part responsible for the passage and expelling of feces via our anus. It is long and is made up of bacteria, blood vessels, muscles and nerves. All these help in the elimination of waste from our precious bodies.

    To effectively cleanse the colon, there are various options we must consider. So are very effective, while others are not so effective.Because the colon is situated inside the body there is a high tendency that most of us have even forgotten that fact that it is there until we start having problem passing stool with lots of strain.

    The reason this occurs is due to various factors such as lack of exercise, lack of foods that are fiber rich, inadequate fluids in the colon etc. Cleansing the colon therefore entails knowing some important things like what product is best for a specific type of person, what techniques are very effective, what supplements to use or what diet to be on etc You see there are various methods and we’ll be looking at each and every one of them in-depth.

    1. Hydrotherapy is also popularly referred to as colon irrigation. In this method, purified water –sometimes mixed with minerals- re infused into an individual through the anus to wash off all forms of waste both loose and hard, clinging and floating from the walls of the intestine and the colon.
    When the water is injected into the person, it causes the colon muscles to contract resulting in bowel movements. When this is carried out by an experienced personnel or professional, it is not harmful and in fact has high benefits. But when carried out by an inexperienced fellow, you re likely to end up developing what is called a megacolon which really means the distending of the colon to a larger size hence making it possible for the colon to take more fecal waste that it should normally do.

    Also, when effectively carried out, you can be rest assured you might not need any other for the next six months to one year. However, if you insist in it being frequently done, it would lead to an abuse of the whole process, result in muscle damaging, and nerve damage. It is also very expensive as it costs nothing less than $100 per treatment or per session with the doctor.

    Another method is known as organic colon cleansing. This method employs the use of oxygen gas in the cleansing the colon of all toxic substances. This is also known as oxygen therapy.. It involves the increase of the current level of oxygen in the blood and the cells. This gives them the ability to do their jobs more effectively while also carrying out the detox exercise that it is needed for. According to recent feelers, it is estimated that a sizable number of doctors and physicians are employing the use of oxygenated water in the treatment of their patients. It is also claimed to be used in hydrotherapy which is one of the colon cleansing methods earlier discussed in an earlier article. The oxygen treatment method is effective in improving the general health of an individual and more importantly, gets rid of all toxic substances resident in the colon.The reason it can successfully do this is by the liquefaction of the hard, solid fecal impaction in the colon. The waste if not eliminated has a tendency to cause a general health breakdown as it hosts a myriad of harmful organisms whose source is the waste that is generated from the foods we consume. When the waste is eliminated, you can be sure that the colon and the body in general will start its total rebuilding into complete health. The downside with this method however, is that it is expensive and cannot be readily afforded by those who do not have the resources. It is also a process that takes sometime as it takes time to melt the waste and then get it passed out.You can try this method if you are comfortable with it and feel you can take that long before you can get results.

    The results however are long lasting and very evident as you’ll notice a general improvement in your overall health and well being. You’ll find that with the waste eliminated, you’ll feel a lot easier, more alive and full of energy as you don’t have toxic substances clogging your system.

    Hope you benefit a lot from my answer!

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    Increase your fiber intake, it will clean out your colon, and increase your bowel movements naturally.

  • You

    Poop poop a-doop.

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    Hi, you could try a colon cleansing product if your interested. They can help out a whole lot. I was in the same situation and I started using Purity 12 which has done a lot of good for me. I would advise you to ask a doctor before trying or buying supplements like these to make sure it is safe for you. Products like these can work differently with people so you really have to be careful about which ones you choose and always take them as directed. If you are interested ill leave you a link with more information on what I have used. I hope this helps you out and good luck.

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    Follow this program conscientiously for at least two weeks for you to see its amazing results. At breakfast it is advisable that you eat fruits because they are easier to digest. At lunch and dinner, eat your regular meals, but do not combine carbohydrates with proteins. If you want to eat food that is rich in carbohydrates, eat it alone. If you want to eat foods that are rich in protein like meat, you can eat it together with some vegetables. If you are about to rest for the night it is advisable that you should not eat anything solid.

  • Ex-Boxer (Fitness Instructor)

    Simple answers

    .Choose poultry and fish. Poultry and fish are important in the diet because they provide the body with great amounts of energy and protein. However, beef and pork tend to linger in the system longer than other meats. This means they can go toxic in your digestive tract as they linger.

    2.Fiber up. Introduce high-fiber food items in your diet. Fiber can act like miniature brooms that sweep away unwanted colon buildup and flush it out of your system. The more fiber you take in, the more it gets to line your digestive tract, improving your overall health.

    3.Eat fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants that act as antiseptics to any toxins that are lingering in your system. These food items also have heavy fiber content to boot, getting you colon even more cleansed.

    4. Employ a regular colon cleanse regimen. The commercial colon cleanse drinks allow you to instantly flush out all the accumulated waste products in your colon fast and efficiently. However, since it is a form of supplement, you should consider this as an option to go with the other suggested methods above. Going overboard with colon cleanse can lead to discomfort and dehydration, so try to keep this as the last option.

    These tips are great.

    But if you really want to get things sorted in no time at all then this will definitely get your body clean and fit in no time.

    its a colon cleansing product which actually works in my opinion ive tried so many but i have had no luck at all you can go to their offical site here

    I’m not sure if you can get it over the counter but either way its better to get it directly from the manufacture

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    Sounds familiar, the gas is the worst of the lot for me. Sitting at my desk and unable to control these cheeky little farts. I also get the constipation but that used to come and go.

    Try Bowtrol, or any of the products listed at they will all eliminate the gas. Colon cleansing isnt hell either, it can be a pleasant experience, certainly after all the problems stop anyway!

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    I think you will improve your gastrointestinal health with Colonix by drnatura

    I went through this outstanding colon cleanse program and it did wonders for my health.


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