Help with High Cholesterol?

My dad (he’s 47) has had high cholesterol for awhile, and recently its gone up even higher. He doesnt eat a lot of junk food, he’s not overweight, and he excercises a lot. He can’t take cholesterol medicine because it messes with his liver. Anyone know of ways he can get his cholesterol down?


  • Nursesense

    Cholesterol is made in your body and also comes from the food that you eat. Common medical opinion is that cholesterol can lead to heart disease and stroke, but there are some that disagree with this theory! Also, don’t forget that cholesterol levels are also heavily influenced by genetic factors.

    3 levels should be measured when testing cholesterol, Total cholesterol (the most common number you hear referenced), HDL ("good" cholesterol), and LDL (Bad cholesterol).

    There are options other than prescription medications to try to control it. The first usually being diet and exercise. Limit saturated and trans fats, and exercise is also important, because it will help increase your HDL levels… but it sounds like that’s covered!

    There are also natural remedies that are known to lower cholesterol, probably the most popular being red yeast rice, which you can find at most any drugstore that carries herbal or natural medicines. It is very similar in makeup to the statin drugs for cholesterol, and maybe lower doses of this would be better for his liver, If he would use red yeast rice, he should still monitor liver function closely with his MD.

    One important thing to remember is that if you take red yeast rice, or any of the prescription cholesterol medications, you should also be taking Coenzyme Q10, which is an important antioxidant ordinarily made by your body, but is depleted rapidly by these medications, so supplementation is recommended.

    I just reviewed a product that offers 17 natural cholesterol cures, and a great detailed report on cholesterol at
    hope this is helpful!

  • countryjan

    fats can cause High cholesterol as so can sugar apart from that it can be in the family

  • Sophia J

    Learning how to manage ones blood cholesterol levels can help one lead a stronger, happier life. Our food habits are responsible for forming cholesterol. Foods that are high in saturated fat and cholesterol, such as meat and dairy products, are the major contributors to high cholesterol levels. We can control that if we maintain healthy diet and motivate ourselves for physical activities. Use this link <br><a herf=””> know more, click here</a> It will give you info on cholesterol and children and also link to other site which talks on cholesterol might help your in some case. Thanks

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