Help me understand Cholesterol?

From what I know, we eat foods that contain cholesterol and other fats. Because cholesterol and fats are not water soluable, or dissolve in the blood stream, they need to be transported by lipoproteins to the liver for proper breakdown. The more cholesterol & fat you consume the more lipoproteins the body needs to create. Problem occurs when you consume a lot of cholesterol and fats and the body needs to create lots of lipoproteins (LDL) which then clog arteries. I guess the question arises, why is LDL bad and HDL good. Does it have to do with the density of LDL; maybe the LDL picks up cholesterol and because its low density lipoproteins it breaksdown before it gets to the liver?

Please correct me if anything I said was wrong. Thanks
Everyone is giving me different answers.

"Since cholesterol is insoluble in blood, it is transported in the circulatory system within lipoproteins" Just pulled that off of a website, and I watched a video that said the same exact thing. I guess where I made the mistake was that only HDL sends cholesterol to the liver.

No one answered my question though, I am asking WHY LDL tends to "narrow" arteries.

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