health food store training courses etc?

ive being doing courses in health food supplements etc such as A.VOGEL, Health food insutite and Quest product advisor but wanna do some other training courses or something along that lines preferably something via the internet or distance learning but cant find anything! any suggestions???


  • jcat ♥

    If you want to work in a health food store they will train you themselves. Large chains such as Holland and Barrett (sister company of GNC in the US) do have their own training courses. You don’t want to be out of pocket when you can get trained in situ. If you want to work in a health shop keep asking because sometimes a vacancy may have come up that is not yet advertised. Part-time jobs usually have a fairly high turn around also though perhaps not at this time of year…..perhaps more so in the summer months when students finish their courses. Most health shop jobs are part-time unless you make it to supervisor level with some experience.

    Of course in the meantime you can use the Internet to learn more regarding supplements and how they work etc. Plus a textbook should help.

    Good luck.

  • thenoseknows
    This is the largest school in the world for homeopathy, herbology, nutrition, that offers distance learning. The course content is first rate. There are 11,000 students in 80 countries.

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