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    I did a colon cleanse. I can only share my own experience. I had lost my health and was looking to regain it. On my path back to wellness, I learned about the value of cleansing the colon.

    I tried colon hydrotherapy, with no improvements in my health, even though it is a very good therapy. I did a few other cleanses and nada.

    It was not until I cleansed with Colonix by that my health turned around.

    OK, this particular program consists of three parts. There is the fiber. You take one scoop with water each morning. Next is the parasite killing herbs. You swallow these herbal capsules in the morning. Part three is you drink an herbal tea called Kleri Tea at night.

    The tea is excellent and very calming. The tea helps your colon to contract to better push things through.

    I was quite toxic, so I had some days I was quite fatigued. Sometimes I would slow down the cleanse a little until my body had time to dump some more toxins, then I would resume.

    I am rather slender, and I was shocked to see so much come out. My friend did the Colonix cleanse and passed a thirteen inch worm. If you can’t believe humans harbor worms, please visit

    The colon cleanse did wonders for my health. I was inspired to create a website to share my personal experience with this product in hopes that my story would help others looking to get healthier too. My personal colon cleanse experience is at

    Cleansing the colon is nothing new. Even Jesus Christ talked about the benefits of colon cleansing.

    My only caution, do your research. There are lots of colon cleanse products on the market that do not perform very well. Go with a winner and save up your money to pay for the better cleanse. Your body will thank you.

    Good luck!

    Vital Force

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