Egg yolk cholesterol good or bad?

What’s the latest findings about LDL cholesterol in egg yolks? Should one eat egg yolks or not? I am trying to reduce the LDL in me. I already do exercises and take statin and watch my diet but what about egg yolks – do they have a lot of LDL in them – or not? Thank you.


  • Ainars

    Cholesterol in egg yolks is a good cholesterol, it is good for your heart, etc… unlike cholesterol in red meat for example. All tho you should ate them yolks in moderation cos too much of good cholesterol can be bad too. 1 – 3 whole eggs a day is good…

  • Jimbo

    As they say, everything in moderation.

  • David

    Egg yolks are healthy last I checked. They hold alot of nutritional value that egg whites do not have. Eat at most 2 per day, but one for breakfast is good enough.

  • La Finita

    Latest, more than two a week raises bad ch. Heard on news last week.


    The latest seems to be that eggs are OK.
    For years, when all cholesterol was evil it was "only have 2 eggs a week because of the cholesterol". Then, when the difference between HDL and LDL became more understood, it changed to "eat as many as you like because there is also good cholesterol in them".

    I certainly eat egg yolks but I wouldn’t eat 50 a week.

  • tennislover

    im a egg lover i was doing 2 whole eggs daily 7 days a week
    apparently on news it is high on cholesterol.. but does not affect everyone

    but to be on the safe side.. I’m reducing to every other day intake
    to be for sure with this just have them 3-4 days a week.. 1-2 a severing maximum
    but u can eat all the egg whites u want…

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