Effective hemorrhoid home remedies

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who are suffering from piles and you don’t want to buy an over the counter remedy, then you’re probably interested in trying some of the traditional hemorrhoid home remedies that have been used for centuries to shrink those pesky piles. As most of us will experience the discomfort of piles at some point in our lives, it’s helpful to know how to ease the symptoms without having to visit the drugstore or your doctor.

Not only can it be embarrassing, but when the pain starts, you want to have immediate access to a treatment.

The following effective home remedies can be used quickly and safely and only rely on items which most of us keep in either our bathrooms or kitchens.
Your number one priority is to always clean your bottom with either dampened unscented toilet paper, baby wet wipes or a specialised wet toilet tissue. This is to ensure that you don’t further irritate the swollen areas and that you clean them completely. If necessary, use warm water to clean yourself after each bowel movement. After you’ve cleaned the area thoroughly you can then use a cotton pad moistened with either witch hazel or aloe vera and press it against the affected area. This will both soothe and shrink the piles if it’s applied at regular intervals.
If you’ve got a spare 15 minutes, then filling a bath tub with a few inches of water, to which you have added either epsom salts or apple cider vinegar, and sitting in it can provide relief. The warm water will soothe the inflamed areas and the salts or vinegar will help to shrink the piles. This kind of sitz bath is one of the most effective haemorrhoid home remedies.
Of course, we all know the importance of drinking more water and adding more fiber into our diets to improve the frequency and consistency of our stools, but did you know that taking more vitamin C can also be a great way to cure haemorrhoids at home?

Fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C also contains flavonoids and anthocyanins which are both very beneficial for vein health. You’ll find them in limes, lemons, apples, tomatoes, dark red berries, blueberries and grapes. And although it’s probably an old wives’ tale, another excellent way to cure haemorrhoids at home is to eat a banana on an empty stomach every day.