Does Oprah really have a thyroid condition?

….or is this just her excuse for being a fat, gluttonous cow?


  • melissa m

    with all the weight oprah has lost w/ in the years no i dont think thyoids had anything to do w/ it. she was fat coz all she did was eat. like some women do when there upset, and some women who starve their self. and having a thyroid prob it would take more than a few years to lost all the weight she lost over the years…

  • Jane B


  • sunshinegal

    What a mean thing to say. I’m very sure there stuff about you that people could mock!

  • sticky

    I think she’d bigger if the problem was serious enough to be considered a ‘condition’.


    I thought she said no, that she got it in check. (from what I remember from yesterdays show)

  • as far as everone knows she does have a slight problem with her thyroid problem and i dont think you should be calling ANYONE fat that is a horrible darogatory statement

  • Common_Sense_is_Uncommon

    Jealousy, party of one? Usually, we tend to mock that which we envy. Seeing as how she’s worth a few billion……..

    Dude, a thyroid problem would somewhat explain her inability to effectively control her weight.

    I’m not an Oprah fan, but come on; give her a break on her medical condition. It’s a pretty common one, and pray that it never affects you.

  • no but i would love to see her nice breasts though 🙂

  • Tamara

    Only if the thyroid controls how wide and how often she opens her mouth to shovel in big macs…

  • miacrash

    you must have a very sad little life … i’m sure oprah would take pity on you!

  • Richard S

    At first, you came across as really sincere. Then you showed the world how self righteous a skinny chick can be. Oprah does not have a condition of any kind. If she says she does, she does. If you had 2.5 billions, would you sit around eating french fries? Even with a few thousands more, you would eat more. Try not to be too judgmental, loosing weight is a very serious issue to millions.

  • Yes, she does have a thyroid problem and its most likely caused from all the soy she has been eating recently. Soy slows down thyroid function and then one gains weight because metabolism slows down. From what I saw, she played the thyroid problem down. This disappointed many thyroid patients, as we were hopng she would be a voice for the condition and "we" could get better medical care, Because hypothyroidism is mostly a women’s condition, it doesn’t get the research it so much needs.

    While Oprah used to have a lot of bad eating habits, she has tried for many years to eat more healthy and she exercises more than the average person even running a marathon at one time. If she continues to eat soy, her thyroid problem will become worse and she will have a host of symptoms.

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