Cystic Acne on Talkin Tuesday! What is it? Causes? Treatment? Cassandra Bankson Diamondsandheels14

CLICK HERE for more acne/skin help & a VIDEO INDEX TO MAKE IT SHORTER!!!!!! 0:43 What is Cystic Acne? Mentioned: When Should You See A Dermatologist For Acne/Take Your Child to The Doctor For Acne? Mentioned: Scaring Video: 3:30 Who Can Get Cystic Acne?…


  • Marla Coffey

    Your very beautiful

  • NekoMonsterPandaz

    Wtf how did this get on my favs list i want to know how to get it off..

  • bridget12xo

    i eat mostly fruits & veggies, all whole foods, and i try to cut out nearly all packaged/processed food. i’m trying really hard with cutting out dairy. i barely drink milk, but i love cheese & yogurt. i’m going to really try. changing how i eat is basically the only hope i have left…

  • Ayesha Khaliq

    Have you heard about Atomic Fat Loss? (Google it) It is a quick and easy way for you to lose fat fast.

  • Ayesha Khaliq

    Have you heard about Atomic Fat Loss? (Google it) It is a quick and easy way for you to lose fat fast.

  • Scorponizer

    You really have beautiful eyes 🙂

  • Nick C

    My chest and back has so many dots from this! I take pride in my poke-a-doted body! It’s so beautiful!

  • samirulesallxx

    the reason why you acne keeps coming back is because your body and skin is still developing.. even if you’ve been on Accutane your body will keep producing oil and causing you to break out. what i suggest is stay on topical treatments until you stop developing (after your teens) then get back on Accutane and once you are done with that treatment follow up with Retin-a as prescribed by your derma.

  • purplecatonbroadway

    um… “havoc?” 

  • Riles S

    hehe…3:43 look at the cat!

  • crazyawesome04

    Crush grapes, get the juice, mix it in with plain yogurt and apply it to your face every night. Honey is optional :)) Hope this helps!

  • SilkeeSannee

    wow, I just came from the acne video in 2010,
    I definitely think you have lost weight!

  • Dian Sudrajat

    I have it on my back and my chest.. ugh so frustrating and I really hate mirrors in public area.. I’ve tried lemon but my skin felt burn.. and I’m afraid if medications from dermatologist are addictive, any suggestion people? 🙁

  • klcllsdk

    I know this is a serious video & all buut I couldnt stop watching the cat. HAHA.

  • Deborah Nana

    im being informed about cystic acne and entertained by your adorable cat!! (:

  • DyingYoungS

    Tell your doctor to give you ACCUTANE. That’s the best medicine

  • MissCupyCakes

    Lol the cat around 4:50-5:40

  • Edea001

    2 things i love: the cat… and how she describes the issue. she DOES know what is she talking about.

  • chavela simon

    Me gusta mucho tu canal lo vi el video y es lo mejor de youtupe .

  • water fasting helped me but you need to have a doctor supervision

  • Why weren’t you a candidate for Accutane?

  • MMC72899

    Your cat in the background is adorable

  • MissFawila

    I think I’ve seen many comments stating it’s bad for your health and people with kidney problems shouldn’t take it.

  • Louanna Rosset

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