Clear Acne FAST Using Sulfur !!! ♥

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  • GorgeousLiz09

    Sulfur BURNS!

  • taniitatania

    Lee Lee you should try Bye Bye Blemish Drying Lotion it contains 10% sulphur and it’s a Spot treatment In my opinion it works much better then Benzyl Peroxide :)))

  • aneamanda9

    Hi just wanted to say thx for the info ive been tryen so many products n i always get the same results nothing if not i brake out even more so i am def. Tryen this out

  • lyshernan28

    Lee how long do you leave the soap on your face for? I bought a bar of sulfur and it says to leave on for 10 minutes and then wash it off but my skin became to irritated.I don’t if I shouldn’t leave it on for that long or just use the sulfur at night and use a more gentle soap in the morning as well to prevent my skin drying out.

  • deonte redstar

    Exsuse me I was just wondering do you wash your face with soap first the put that on?

  • Carly Carrasco

    I got one today at a grocery store for 4 dollars:)

  • Delfina025

    How does this mask compare to the African Ha

  • Delfina025

    How does this mask compare to the African Healing Mask???

  • SagesMa

    does anyone know if they carry this at the Walmarts in Canada??

  • HiyaMaritza

    My skin doesn’t react well to salicylic acid so I might have to try this!

  • babydollface10

    What CAMERA do you use? <3 Thanks!

  • zee matt

    Could i use the soap for body too,for body acne marks uv gt great skin u dnt hv no acne!x

  • zalethg

    I have been using this for over 15 years and I have super sensitive skin when I put it on it feels a but itchy so I only use it as a spot treatment over night and it works wounders but what I love the most is it seems to take the acne mark away faster a well.

  • 69BELLOS

    can you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me with getting rid of stretch marks since i had my son 3 yrs now it wouldnt go and it is really deep love your vids by the way thanks

  • Hilda Fernandez

    i just placed my order on amazon. i wanna try it also on my husbands back. hes been getting a lot of acne there lately and i hate seeing him in pain. wanna help the guy!!

  • TheGrumpy675

    Thank u so much this really gave me alot of great information Im gona try it asap

  • chickaluv16

    Ive been usin the sulfur soap for a whole now and i have gotten great results i reallly cleans up all the oils on my face

  • lyshernan28

    Do you use the sulfur soap everyday, morning and night?

  • Stephadoll1

    Does your sister still use the product? Can we have an update on her skin please?!!!! Thanks

  • asalia509

    hey! i really find this information very helpful but i would like to know if you could give me some advise about some skin products ive been using. well ive always suffered with acne but i had clear skin for about four years now because ive been using a perscribed topical acne treatment called BENZACLIN 1%clindamycin(antibiotic) and %5benzoyl peroxide and it worked for me for all those years and didnt seam to dry my skin out too much but i had stopped using it about a year ago only because i —

  • asalia509

    –dont have insurance and the price went up from $100 to $300 and i couldnt afford it and i went without it for about a month when i statred using it again but for some reason my skin reacted different toward the treatment and started to dry out and irritate my skin and i started breaking out so horribly and destroyed my self esteem i started getting severe cystic acne and incredibly painful so i went back to my dermatologist and prescribed me another topical treatment very similar to–

  • asalia509

    –BENZACLIN and its been working but i cant wear makeup because my skin is so dry that makeup just looks horrible and i am so afraid to stop using some type of acne treatment because of how horriblly my skin reacted going a month without treatment and i am just miserable so i just wanted to know that with all that said if you think the sulfur products i may be able to successfully get rid of my acne in a natural way? i am just so afraid though i dont want to go back to that painful feeling:(–

  • asalia509

    –also i tried the regimen and it did nothing for me. you have wonderful skin and i would just so much appreciate it if you could give me some advise as how i could wean off of my treatment or how i could treat my acne maybe oxi pads?? well im sorry for this long story lol i am just so desperate and hoping that you might be able to help me in some way, well thank you for your time and i love your channel! 🙂

  • MemeAthroughZ

    Thanks to you I have been using this for 2 days and OMG! I always get those hard red painful pimples in the chin area and yesterday morning I had a nasty one on my nose. I used it, woke up this morning and was in love! My skin also felt smoother! I got it on Amazon. Is was a little over 7

  • MemeAthroughZ

    It would help if I said the pimple on my nose were gone and the ones on my chin (3) were minimized and not painful or huge.

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