Cholesterol in Foods?

There are two different types of cholesterol in your body; LDL (Bad) and HDL (Good). HDL reduces LDL. When we eat, Saturated and Trans Fats reduce HDL and increase LDL. Meanwhile, Unsaturated Fats; Poly and Mono increase HDL. What about cholesterol in foods though. There is good and bad cholesterol in your body, there must be good and bad cholesterol in foods too, right? Nutrition labels don’t list any of this. What foods have good cholesterol and what has bad? Or is it all bad?

PS. Correct me oif I have any of my facts wrong.


  • nice guy

    Cholesterol and fat are completely independent of each other. For example, most shrimp is fat free. However it is loaded with cholesterol. It just happens to be that most cholesterol laden foods are also high in fat, but foods can be high in cholesterol or fat independently and of themselves.

    Our body generates all of the cholesterol we need. It is not necessary to consume any cholesterol. Our body has the ability to convert fat into cholesterol. Saturated fat is likely to produce LDL, and the healthy fats such as poly and mono would be more likely to stimulate the production of HDL. As for consuming cholesterol, the generally accepted shcool of thought is that high cholesterol foods containing large amounts of saturated fat are likely to increase LDL cholesterol. Where as foods containing cholesterol that are low in saturated fat are likely not increase LDL, and quite possible increase HDL if these cholesterol containing foods contain heathy fats such as those found in many sea food products. However, it is important to keep in mind that what our bodies do with cholesterol that we consume will vary widely from person to person. Genetics and predisposition play a significant role in our cholesterol levels. My wife and I both have very low fat diets. However, she requires statins to keep cholesterol at healthy levels. Heredity is th ekey factor here. Both of her parents, her siblings, and grandparents on mothers side all had high cholesterol. I hope this was helpful.

  • lageryeast

    If it has cholesterol in it and it doesn’t say good then it is most likely all bad. If it contains good cholesterol I bet they advertise it. 🙂

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