My cholesterol is too high.
I have about 2 ½ month to lower the bad numbers with diet and exercise or I may need cholesterol meds. Are there any good victims that would help lower my cholesterol ? I don’t want to take med.


  • Goldista

    Cholesterol is either absorbed from the food you eat (25%) or manufactured in your liver (75%). Therefore, there are three possible mechanisms to lower your cholesterol levels:

    (1)Eat food containing as little fat and cholesterol as possible.

    (2)Use supplements/medications to block its absorption through the intestine.

    (3)Use medications to block the liver from manufacturing more.

    How supplements can help –
    Vitamin E
    Dosage: 400 IU twice a day.
    Comments: Check with your doctor if taking anticoagulant drugs.

    Vitamin C
    Dosage: 1,000 mg twice a day.
    Comments: Reduce dose if diarrhea develops.

    Dosage: 400-600 mg a day.
    Comments: Each pill should provide 4,000 mcg allicin potential.

    Inositol Hexaniacinate
    Dosage: 500 mg 3 times a day.
    Comments: Safest form of niacin to use; does not cause flushing and may be less harmful to the liver than other forms.

    Red Yeast Rice
    Dosage: 2 capsules (600 mg each) twice a day with meals.
    Comments: Sold as Cholestin. Discontinue if muscle pain, tenderness, or weakness occurs, especially if these feelings are accompanied by flulike symptoms.

    Dosage: 25 mg guggulsterones 3 times a day.
    Comments: Guggulsterones are the active ingredient in gugulipid.

    Dosage: 1 tbsp. powder dissolved in water or juice twice a day.
    Comments: May have a laxative effect. Drink lots of extra water.

  • Robert B

    Besides watching what you eat, and excercise try taking Garlic pills. Just make sure you get the low odor pills so you are not burping garlic all day. That and fish oil capsules. I lowered my cholesterol 60 points with all of the above.

    Good luck

  • mr.answerman

    Fish oil is a good one to take, as is straight niacin. It was recently proven that garlic does nothing to affect cholesterol levels so save your money on that one. Plant sterols is now found in more and more foods, in fact there is an orange juice with it now. this is a good thing to take with meals. Soluble fiber is also good like metamucil, take 7 grams daily.

  • Bruce

    To really lower your cholesterol you have to do a number of things if you are serious about it. First, don’t eat fatty foods like fast foods, example hamburgers, fries etc. Go on a diet of fruits and vegetables, no meat, fish is good,salads are good, stouffers lean frozen dinners are good, soya products are good. Also you can use food replacement powder with fruit and real juice, blend it up and wow your system, no fat there. Stay away from coffee. whole grain bread and cereral is ok. Next get into a daily excercise routine, one that you can work up a sweat with, do it everyday and you should see your levels starting to drop.

  • Rev. Two Bears

    do not look at the total number of cholesterol and worry. Look at the ratio of LDL to HDL. If the ratio is good like 3 to 1 or better; you may not have a problem. Talk to your doctor about it.

    You have to understand that the liver produces cholesterol too.

    Do not uake meds like Lipitor, Crestor, etc unless you really have a problem.

    I would recommend for you to eat a healthy diet, and get exercize.

    Garlic is supposed to help lower cholesterol.

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