can someone answer these questions about cholesterol?

what is the starting material of cholesterol?
what is the functional group in starting material of cholesterol?
what are bonds made by cholesterol?
Thanks in advance

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  • ☮Nurse☮

    Cholesterol synthesis is the chemical name for a series of reactions that produce cholesterol from acetyl-CoA, which is a breakdown product of nutrient molecules.
    You make acetyl-CoA any time your cells burn carbohydrate, fat or protein for energy.
    Acetyl-CoA does many different things; making cholesterol is only one of them.Many other metabolic reactions involve cholesterol as a starting material.
    Cholesterol is the material your cells use to produce vitamin D, which helps you absorb calcium from the food you eat. Cholesterol in your skin reacts with sunlight, converting it into the vitamin. You also make many different hormones — a hormone is a chemical signaler that helps cells communicate with one another — from cholesterol. Examples include testosterone, estrogen and progesterone.

    During the Krebs Cycle, you join acetyl-coA to a molecule called oxaloacetate to form citrate, which your cells then process to liberate carbon dioxide and regenerate oxaloacetate. This process yields energy, which the cells use to run a variety of reactions

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