Benefit From Different Healthy Eating Diets

healthy eatingLooking at all the different healthy eating diets can get confusing. One diet might say you should never eat bread, while another diet says that whole grain bread is a healthy food. One diet says to avoid fat wherever possible, and yet another diet says that some fat is really good for you. They can’t all be right, so how do you know which diet is really the healthiest? How do you know which to choose for your own healthy eating plan?

The truth is that the healthy eating diets that are most popular today might not contain the answers. Many people eat a very healthy diet without following a popular diet plan. They use parts of several different diets to make up the one that works best for them.

A low-carb diet might be very healthy for someone who tends to have high blood sugar and is a little insulin resistant. But that diet might be so low in carbohydrates that it leaves the person feeling deprived. Some very low carbohydrate diets can even make you feel ill after a few days of eating only fat and protein.

Many healthy eating diets aren’t necessarily low in carbohydrates, but they focus on only a certain type of carbohydrate. “Good” carbohydrates like oatmeal and whole grains that have a lower effect on blood sugar might be perfectly all right for a borderline diabetic. But other parts of those diets that allow for too much fat or require more meat intake than a person wants make the diet unsuitable.

Here’s where you can vary from these healthy eating diets and come up with a good compromise on your own. A person in that situation might avoid most carbs like flour and refined sugar, but incorporate some whole grains and slow-digesting carbohydrates. This might help the person achieve a good balance that is best for them.

A very low-fat diet might be one person’s choice, while another feels that the lack of good fats isn’t healthy. They might also feel hungry and deprived on a very low-fat diet. A higher-fat diet plan might not be ideal either, if most of the fats are animal or saturated fats—most very low-carbohydrate plans are higher-fat, for instance. The best thing to do would be to take the healthiest points from both of those diet plans, and maybe a few others, and make up your own healthy eating diets.

Most of the diets you’ll find in books or those popularized by celebrities are, for the most part, healthy diet plans. But when part of a diet makes it unpleasant for you to stick to—things like no caffeine or coffee ever, no sweet treat at any time—then it’s very easy to just ignore all the good points of the diet and cheat. If you’ll choose the parts of different diets that work best for you, however, you can combine them. By using the best parts of different healthy eating diets, you’ll have a plan you can live with.