affordable health care?

i work for a small company (5 employees) so we do not have a health plan.
i don’t have health insurance, but for my own and my families sake, i should get some.

how can i get affordable coverage that i can rely on. i don’t want some healthplan where i have to single out a clinic for all my needs (i travel alot throughout the country, so it should be a plan that is accepted in most states)
plus i’ve heared about aflac as a supplement insurance that covers some basic things) ideas, suggestions?


  • sugarBear

    No health care plan is affordable, depending on what state you live in, for large families it is very expensive, but your best bet is to get some as soon as possible, specifically KAISER PERMANENTE since they are Nation Wide. Health Insurance is very important! it’s a good thing you are thinking about it now because you would be screwed if something happened to you or anyone in your family. If any of you get sick or catch a disease, you will still be treated by any hospital/clinic by the right doctor but you will be STUCK WITH A BIG FAT BILL YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO PAY. I’m talking thousands & thousands of dollars. If you can’t pay them, you WILL BE SUED & of course SCREWED, that’s a promise. The world now a days is cruel, some hospitals won’t help you, no doctors will see you if you don’t have Health Insurance, they will send your sick butt packin’! depending on what state you live in, usually they can’t refuse to treat you, but they have the right to BILL YOU. So, please….for your own sake, be smart & GET HEALTH INSURANCE TODAY for you & the rest of your family. It is better then paying thousands of dollars. Health Insurance can save you headaches!

  • jadebearranch

    I have a great suggestion for you. Instead of insurance why not look into discount health benefits. The plan my family is on is only 59.95. or49.95 for an individual and this also includes dental, chiropractic,vision,presciption as well. I know that it is accepted in most states, and if your provider isn’t on the list you can get them added.

  • Faith K

    Get the book "Healthcare for Less" by Michelle Katz…I have the same problem and found, after reading this book, the HSA was best for me…it will really help you save tons!!!

  • Steven

    Sure, having a discount program such as Ameriplan saves you 50-80% on your dentist and healthcare visits every time. Dental Plans only cost $19.95 for the entire family and that includes a whole bunch of other Free benefits. Or $49.95 a month for 50% off doctor, hospital, specialist visits :). I’m Surprised not many people know about this program and it goes unused.

    Here is there website:

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